Y&R Recap: Double Knockout.

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Victor backs Stitch, Sharon helps Mariah, and Chloe steals from the hospital lab.

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Chloe and Chelsea are working at the Club. Chelsea starts questioning Chloe after Billy stops by the table and mentions something that happened last night to Chloe. Chloe tries to brush it off.

At her hotel, Mariah realizes money has gone missing. She calls someone to say she needs them. Ian arrives and she complains that her money is gone. He feels someone must be willing to lend a sympathetic ear. Mariah muses that Sharon came to see her. Ian urges her to call her and be honest about her troubles.

Abby leaves Newman, telling Victor he owes it to her, and to Nick and Sharon, to get rid of Mariah. Victor calls someone and says he needs something taken care of.

At Sharon's house, she and Nick bicker about her wanting to reach out to Mariah. Nick thinks she's only giving her a free pass because she looks like Cassie. He wants her to talk to Dr. Meade. Sharon is offended. Nick just doesn't trust Mariah. They are kissing when Mariah shows up. Nick is hostile. Mariah asks Sharon to talk privately. Nick leaves. Mariah tells Sharon her room was robbed and her money was taken. She says she and the cash would have been long gone except Sharon asked her to stay. Sharon thinks she stayed to torment Tyler and Abby. Mariah angrily reminds her that she wanted to get to know her and says this is why she doesn't trust people. Sharon gives her money.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch leaves Victoria a message to call when she gets back - there is something he needs to discuss with her. Dylan asks why he's bugging her. Stitch says they have things to settle and gets agitated when Dylan presses him. When Dylan says it's not like they are married and have kids, Stitch takes off. On the patio, Tyler and Leslie argue about him making excuses for Mariah. He insists he's done with her. Abby appears. She says her father is going to make sure Mariah leaves town for good. Tyler blurts, "He can't do that." When Abby steps inside, Tyler tells Leslie he's worried about how far Victor will go. Inside, Ian appears and Dylan orders him out. Nick watches until Ian leaves. Nick and Dylan discuss Ian and then Sharon. On the patio, Ian approaches Leslie. Abby recognizes him as the cult guy who hit on Summer. Ian pulls Leslie aside and tells her there is more trouble on the horizon. Leslie mutters about the burden of what he told her in confidence - she wants to be done with him for good, but goes in and tells Dylan that legally he has to serve Ian there. Meanwhile, Abby tells Tyler she wishes she could see Mariah's face when the bottom falls out.

Victor finds Stitch pounding a punching bag aggressively in the Athletic Club. A Newman executive, Michael, stops by. Victor and Stitch decide to spar to get rid of their tension. Billy watches. Stitch asks Victor if he knows when Victoria will be back. Billy steps out and wonders who to root for - he likes the idea of a double knockout. Billy tells Victor that Stitch is playing him. Victor calls Billy a jackass. After, Stitch assures Victor he cares about Victoria. Victor says Billy Abbott's a loser and Stitch is the kind of man Victoria needs. He urges Stitch to pursue her. In the dining room, Chelsea pushes to find out what went on with Chloe and Billy. Chloe acts hyper and snaps at Chelsea that there is nothing to worry about. Chelsea asks if she talked to her therapist about Connor and wanting to have a baby. Chloe flashes to Billy talking and says she's had a change of plans. Chloe leaves, and dodges Billy's attempt to talk. Billy joins Chelsea and tells her Chloe is in bad shape. They discuss everything and agree she was acting manic and obsessed. Billy says they can't let this go on - full-time care is the best thing for her.

Chloe rushes into the hospital screaming for help. She says a man is clutching his chest. The lab tech goes running and she sneaks into the cryogenic lab. After, she looks in her purse - there is a sample labeled 'William Abbott'.

Nick returns to Sharon's house and argues with her about helping Mariah.

Mariah returns to her hotel and is arrested for outstanding warrants in Portland.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At Kelly's new condo, Jack has a picnic set up and tells her she ain't seen nothin' yet.

Michael and Lauren try to talk to Kevin about what Chloe needs. He hollers, "She needs to be where? In Fairview?"

Stitch says to Victoria, "You had morning sickness because you're pregnant."

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