Y&R Recap: Crush Her Like A Tick.

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Abby wants Victor to act, Sharon visits Mariah, and Neil and Hilary's relationship is exposed.

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At the Club, Victor wants Cane to tell him the truth about what he knows regarding Bonaventure. Cane insists he has no other information about the company, but Victor says Jill implied otherwise. Cane admits he spoke to her, but she gave him nothing new. After, Lily is concerned that he didn't tell Victor about Colin. Cane still thinks it's possible he's changed. They wonder where both their dads are. Upstairs, Devon spots Neil and Hilary kissing at her suite door. When Neil is gone, Devon knocks. He confronts Hilary about seeing his father and rants about her 'making her move' and having daddy issues. She orders him out. He reminds her he owns the place. They argue. Hilary slaps him after he brings up her mother. He muses that both the Winters men are fools, but at least Neil got something out of it. Downstairs, Neil joins Cane and Lily, who says he smells like perfume. She asks, "Who is she?" Neil protests that it's not a good time. Devon appears and lets the cat out of the bag. Hilary walks up. Lily gasps. "You have got to be kidding me." Neil follows Hilary to the door and apologizes. She knew it was a bad idea. Lily informs Cane and Devon that Hilary won't get away with this.

At Sharon's house, she declines Nick's idea to spend time outside - she's going to see Mariah. Nick doesn't think it's a good idea and points out she looks at her and sees Cassie. Sharon needs to know more about her, and she's doing it alone.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler receives a photo from Mariah on his phone of the two of them together. Abby arrives and sees it over his shoulder. Tyler says she's trying to get a rise out of her. Abby counters that she's trying to get a rise out of him. Leslie appears. Abby deletes the photo and leaves. Leslie and Tyler discuss Mariah. Leslie wonders if he's more concerned about her or Abby. Tyler feels bad for Mariah, who has no one. Leslie says it sounds like she has him.

At Chelsea's condo sublet, Jack explains to Kelly that he is there to act on Chelsea's behalf. He says he'll give her the property manager's number and leave, but he stops and wonders if this was fate. They banter back and forth about the condo, but they are really talking about their relationship. As she moves to leave, they hear the strains of Vivaldi. Jack tells her again it's fate. She accuses him of setting this up and he prepares to leave in exasperation. Kelly crosses the room, holds his face dramatically, and kisses him. After, she is afraid again. Jack says he's scared too. "Maybe we can start something new." They leave together.

Nick pays Victor a visit at Newman to complain about the million ways he crossed the line. Victor says Sharon has a secret that will destroy him. Nick says Sharon uncovered the secret in hypnosis - it was about burning the ranch down. Victor says they already knew that - the real secret is something very powerful. Nick confronts him about Mariah still being in town. Abby enters. She says Mariah is Tyler's stalker ex-fiancee. Nick thinks Victor's slipping for not knowing that. Abby lists off the things Mariah's done to them. Nick leaves to tell Sharon. Victor tells Abby this is shocking to him. He suggests she take another look at Tyler's background. Abby just wants Victor to crush Mariah like a tick. Victor promises to take care of it.

At Mariah's hotel, she asks Sharon why she's there. Sharon says she came to thank her - because of her she underwent hypnosis and some memories came back. Sharon wants to talk to see if she can learn more. Mariah says she's not Cassie. Sharon questions her about her family. Mariah says her mother was Helen Copeland, but she then wants Sharon to let it go. Sharon hopes she'll talk to her again sometime - she owes her. Later, Mariah gets upset when something she looks for is missing.

At Sharon's place, she and Nick bicker about Mariah. Nick breaks the news that Mariah has been tormenting Abby too. "She is nothing like our Cassie."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan reminds Stitch that Victoria asked for time to think. "So why are you bugging her?"

Abby tells Tyler that her father is going to make sure Mariah leaves town for good. Tyler responds, "He can't do that."

Mariah, at Sharon's door, tells her and Nick, "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important."

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