Y&R Recap: The Wrong Doorbell.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Gloria grills Chloe, Nikki confronts Paul, and Jack advises Billy.

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At the Club, Nikki tells Jack she's staying there. He realizes she's moved out on Victor and feels partly responsible. They go to her suite and talk about her situation. Nikki tells Jack she knows he's hurting over Phyllis too. She mentions Victoria has gone away. Jack reassures Nikki he wants only the best for her. She smiles about Dylan keeping an eye on her. Jack goes and Nikki phones someone. "I have to see you." By the door, Chloe tries to blow off Gloria's questions about Kevin's whereabouts. Glo thinks she's looking calmer. Chloe smiles and thinks about asking Billy to make another baby together. They sit and Gloria grills Chloe about what she and Kevin have been doing for fun. Jeff, who just won on the horses, arrives and cozies up to Glo.

At Victoria's house, Billy opens the door to Stitch. He tells him if he's looking for his wife, he rang the wrong doorbell. Stitch wonders if Victoria knows Billy's there. They bicker. Billy says Victoria is visiting Reed. Stitch tells him to let her know he stopped by and plays with Johnny. Billy mentions his ex-wife keeping his son from him. "I know what that tells me." He warns him he won't replace his son with Johnny. Later, Jack arrives and Billy is online trying to dig up dirt on Stitch. Jack says he came because he needs his brother. He tells him Kelly decided not to see him because of Phyllis. He thinks Billy must be relieved. Billy still wants dirt on Stitch. Jack reminds him the trouble in his marriage started there, not with Stitch. He advises him to win Victoria's heat by his own merits. Billy thinks it's his duty to expose Stitch. Jack leaves, exasperated.

At the station, Paul flirts with Christine on the phone and says he'll try to come home early. She texts him a sexy photo. Michael and Lauren enter looking for Christine. Paul mentions them trying for a baby. Michael and Lauren talk to Paul about Kevin, who is trapped in a loveless marriage. They wonder if there's an alternative for Chloe. Paul says if the marriage is annulled, Chloe will go to Fairview. Later, Nikki arrives to meet with Paul. She confronts him about arresting Dylan. Paul clucks that this stress isn't good for her health. They talk about her situation with Victor.

Kevin chats with Dylan at Crimson Lights. Dylan mentions the comments on Avery's cooking video - he needs to ensure no one tries to hurt her. They discuss their relationships. Kevin says they have the rings, but aren't half as close as Dylan and Avery. Later, Stitch arrives as Dylan gets a call to come to the station. He fills Stitch in on his situation with Ian. Stitch mentions his run-in with Billy.

Kevin arrives at the Club, where Chloe whispers a warning to him that his mother is all over their marriage. He sits, and Gloria tells Chloe about an aphrodisiac they've discovered - an essential oil that sends Jeffrey into overdrive. Chloe looks thoughtful. Kevin changes the subject. Lauren and Michael arrive discussing Paul and Christine's pregnancy plans. They join the table, where Gloria is still going on about the aphrodisiac and Kevin and Chloe's marriage. A toast is held to the newlyweds. Gloria's glad Chloe has a new outlook since she doesn't want her son with a cuckoo bird. Chloe spills champagne on her and everyone leaves the table in the ensuing chaos. Chloe eyeballs Glo's purse and steals the aphrodisiac. Nearby, Michael and Lauren talk to Kevin about a possible annulment and point out that Chloe may still be capable of behaving unpredictably and hurting someone. Kevin gets a call from Billy about doing a background check on someone.

Dylan arrives at the station as Nikki tells Paul that getting to know her son has been a great joy. Dylan says he came to pick up his notebook and shows Nikki a photo of his adoptive parents. Nikki asks Dylan to stay out of Ian's way and kisses his cheek.

At the hospital, Stitch stops a nurse and tells her he's working with Dr. Chiverton and needs Victoria Newman's lab work. He reads the positive pregnancy results.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chloe tells Billy that they agreed he owed her something, so she just came to collect.

Jill tells Colin no one wants him there. He suggests she let him go then.

Victor asks Jack, "Are you here to memorialize my son or are you here to pontificate?"

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