Y&R Recap: No Deal.

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Vikki asks Billy for a favor, Jack wants another chance with Kelly, and Nick thinks he knows the secret.

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At the Club, Jack tells Kelly he wants another chance with her. Kelly asks what has changed. Jack says Summer realized it was wrong to keep him from living his life. Kelly notes that if Phyllis wakes up, he'll want to be with her. They agree they want more than sex. Kelly doesn't think she can stand to lose anymore. She feels Jack is in an impossible situation. Kelly says she has to let go.

Billy comes upon Chelsea and Connor in the park. When she expresses concern for him, he's glad she cares and says he cares about her too. They discuss Adam. Chelsea convinces Billy to take money from her for the Delia Foundation. As they chat, Stitch's name comes up. Billy says he's working on getting him out of Vikki's life for good. Chelsea blurts, "No, that's not a good idea." They debate it. Chelsea reminds him they are separated and says she doesn't think it will be easy to get Stitch out of her life.

Stitch arrives at Victoria's house and asks her why she lied to him about doing a hospital fundraiser with Nikki. He wonders if he's done something wrong. She says he hasn't. Stitch asks why she went to the hospital again. "What's really going on?" He presses and she gets angry. He apologizes for over-stepping. Stitch moves in close and asks her to keep this in mind while she's sorting things out. He kisses her deeply. Once alone, she calls Billy to come over.

Tyler and Abby bicker about Mariah at Crimson Lights. He thinks they should pretend she doesn't exist. Abby disagrees that someone like Mariah is just going to walk away. Tyler says he'll handle her. Abby tells him to forget it. Abby has a plan to give Mariah the one thing she wants besides Tyler. She asks if he wants her to take Abby's bribe money. Tyler says he wants her to go on with her life and be happy. Mariah wants that for him too. Abby hands her a check. Mariah tears it up. "No deal."

In Dr. Meade's office, Sharon is hypnotized and says she did something she shouldn't have. Dr. Meade asks, "What was it?" Sharon shouts out that she shouldn't be there. She continues, "She can't do this!" Suddenly she screams and becomes very agitated. "I didn't mean to hurt you!" Nick demands she be pulled out of the hypnosis. After, Sharon demands to be put back under. Nick argues with her. Sharon insists, and tells Meade not to bring her out until she reveals the secret. When she's hypnotized again, she talks about how guilty she felt, but she had to do the right thing and so she went back home to face Nick, even though she was worried he'd be angry about what she'd done. Meade brings her out. Sharon still doesn't remember the secret. Nick thinks it's about her burning down the ranch and then taking off with Faith. Sharon asks Nick to step out and tells Meade she thinks there's something more. They agree to work on it at their next session. Sharon rejoins Nick, who thanks her for facing her fears.

Tyler and Abby arrive at Mariah's hotel room. Abby says she's got an offer she can't refuse. She tells Mariah she'll pay her double what her father paid her - to leave town. Mariah talks about her throwing money around and says she had tough times, but some of them were also her happiest. Mariah looks pointedly at Tyler. Once alone, Mariah looks at an old newspaper clipping about a mansion robbery in Portland.

At home, Victoria tells her unborn baby they'll have a good life no matter who the dad is. Billy arrives. Victoria asks him to stay with Johnny at the house while she visits Reed in DC. He agrees and he and Johnny see her off.

Stitch sees Chelsea in the park and says he's sorry about them finding Adam's body. She says at least now she can move on. They talk about Connor's croup. She mentions that Billy and Victoria are great parents to Johnny, but tells Stitch that doesn't mean there isn't room for him in Victoria's life. He offers to get ice cream. She talks about how it made her nauseous both times she was pregnant. Stitch muses that happens to a lot of pregnant women and suddenly he seems to realize something.

At Crimson Lights, Abby rants to Tyler that Mariah wants him. She wonders why she felt like the two of them were speaking in some secret language she didn't understand.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Billy opens the door to Stitch and says, "You know, if you're looking for my wife, you rang the wrong doorbell."

Jeffrey, Gloria, Michael, Lauren, Kevin, and Chloe toast to the newlyweds.

At the Club, Nikki tells Jack she's staying there now. He asks if that means she moved out on Victor.

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