Y&R Recap: Short Fuse.

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Avery wants to quit, Dylan is moved by Nikki's words, and Victor visits Chelsea.

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At Avery's apartment, she wants to talk about Dylan's arrest. She's worried he'll make another mistake and rants about him letting Ian get to him. He says he is trying to protect her. She snaps, "I don't need your protection!" Austin the photographer shows up alone to finish the episode from yesterday. Dylan leaves and Avery keeps muffing up her takes. She tells Austin her quitting the show would be best for everyone. Avery calls to resign and finds out she's been booked on "The Talk." She's ecstatic.

From her suite, Nikki makes an appointment with Dr. Costner. She then turns to leave and Ian's in the doorway. He asks if she's alright. Nikki has no intention of discussing anything with him. Ian tells her about Dylan's arrest last night. He muses about Dylan's short fuse getting him in trouble.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch wishes his son Max a happy birthday on video. Victoria appears. She knows what it's like to be away from your little boy on his birthday. He talks about making videos for Max and what it was like when he was in Afghanistan. Stitch thanks her for listening and tells her when she figures things out, he'll be there. Later, Dylan arrives and talks to Stitch about Max's birthday. Dylan advises him if he wants a shot with Victoria, he'll have to open up to her.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill and Billy discuss his marriage. He hears a noise from upstairs, where Colin is hammering on the attic door - he's been in there all night. Jill tells Billy that Colin will curse the day he lied to her. Billy leaves. Jill wishes Katherine was there to give her advice. She goes up to the attic and debates with Colin through the locked door. She calls him a gold digger and tells him he butt-dialed her while talking to his loan shark. He protests she doesn't have the whole story. He chuckles over her conning him about a dog's ashes. Colin insists he came back because he missed her. Jill lets him out and then chloroforms him. Colin awakens handcuffed to a pole in the attic. She won't let him go until he signs divorce papers forfeiting all rights to her estate. He refuses.

Nikki and Victoria meet in the hospital corridor. Vikki quizzes Nikki about her health and they discuss Victor's machinations. Nikki thinks he's going too far because he couldn't prevent Adam's death. Nikki asks what's going on with Victoria. Just then, Victoria's OB/GYN calls her in. She asks her doctor how soon the paternity of her baby can be determined and learns she has to be 14 weeks along.

Victor visits with Chelsea and Connor at the penthouse. Victor says it's time to lay Adam to rest. They discuss a memorial ceremony. Victor says Nikki won't be part of it. Chelsea says she'll invite Sharon and Jack. They agree to bury him in Genoa City. Victor opens the door to go and Billy's there. Victor demands to know what he's doing there, but Chelsea intervenes. Once alone, Billy apologizes for being an ass last night and asks what she wanted to tell him. She bluffs that Victoria was upset and she thought she could help. Billy warns her not to trust Victor. Chelsea says he has good points and is the only person who seems to care about her lately. Billy blurts that he cares about her, and then leaves.

At the Club, Victor and Ian spar verbally. Victor warns him he's having 'The Path' investigated. Ian needles him by going on about seeing Nikki on her way to the doctor. Victor issues him a grave warning and Ian leaves. Victor phones Nikki's doctor and learns she must have as little stress as possible.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch asks Nikki about the hospital charity event she's chairing with Victoria. Nikki is clueless. Stitch realizes Victoria lied and leaves. Dylan is upset to hear that Nikki's staying at the Athletic Club. She warns him not to get riled up about Ian. He says he got the same lecture from Avery. Nikki says that's because they both love him. Dylan is touched that she said that. Nikki's MS flares up. They sit and Ian appears. Nikki reminds Dylan not to react.

Stitch encounters Victoria at the hospital and questions her being there again. She leaves and Stitch realizes she's seen the OB/GYN doctor.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Hilary they need to discuss Neil.

Abby wants Leslie to tell her everything there is to know about Tyler's ex, Mariah.

Sharon tells Nick, "This secret has got to come out, and it's going to come out today."

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