Y&R Recap: Whackadoo Central.

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Victoria's secret is exposed, Chloe gets her chance, and Dylan's arrested.

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At the Club, Chloe confirms to Chelsea that she has a sperm donor. She knows just the guy to make Delia's brother or sister. Chelsea asks, "Do you actually know the father?" Chloe turns the spotlight on Chelsea's dicey pregnancy history. Chelsea continues to grill Chloe and wonders if she'll share her plans with Kevin. Chelsea suggests she's being selfish. Chloe is upset that Chelsea's not cheering her on. Chelsea asks if Kevin will be the baby's father - they're married. Chloe snaps that's only to keep her from going to Whackadoo Central. Up in Ian's suite, he finds Dylan waiting and says he's calling the police. Dylan invites him to knock himself out. They bicker about Ian's trial and Ward works on Dylan by talking about him being raised amid lies and deception. Dylan calls him a sick son of a b**** and warns him to get out of town. Ian dials the phone as Dylan accuses Ian of going after Avery and threatens to tear him apart.

At the hospital, Stitch asks Victoria if she's still feeling sick. He feels responsible for the hot dog in the park. Victoria laughs and changes the subject. He asks to see her later and she agrees.

In the park, Kelly and Jack kiss passionately. Jack thinks they should take it somewhere more private. They kiss again. He ignores a phone call and they kiss before leaving. Later, Summer and Fen chat on the bench about their rocky history. Fen mentions wanting to talk to Ian Ward and she vehemently warns him against it.

At her apartment, Avery's show is interrupted by a knock on the door - it's Leslie. She wants to talk and it can't wait. Austin suggests they chat on camera, but they decline. Leslie tells Avery she needs to stop Dylan from harassing Ian. Avery is stunned at how Leslie's been sucked in by Ward - he's playing her. They argue. Avery pointedly asks why her client is still in town - it's to taunt Dylan.

In his office, Paul hangs up from Chris and takes Ian Ward's call. He says his suite was broken into again and he has the intruder there now.

At Victoria's house, Billy does an online search on Dr. Ben Rayburn. He's interested to see there is no record of him - not a trace. Victoria returns and Billy talks up his time with Johnny. She notices the bag. He says Stitch came by with soup. He asks if she's alright. She shakes her head. "I'm not." He appeals to her for a second chance and when that doesn't fly, he tells her that Stitch is hiding something. Victoria becomes agitated. Billy says there's nothing about him online. Victoria huffs about him stalking Stitch. She tells him to stop this - it's making things worse. After, Victoria realizes she has Connor's prescription, meaning Chelsea must have got her pre-natal vitamins.

Fen approaches Stitch at work for help on a paper. He says it would go online and many people would hear what he has to say. Stitch answers a few questions before referring him to another doctor. Chelsea appears and they discuss Connor. She tells him not to count on Billy and Victoria staying apart - they have a strong connection. Chelsea walks away and notices the pre-natal vitamins in her bag as Victoria rushes up. "You're pregnant?"

In Ian's suite, he gets Dylan fired up by talking about his adoptive parents and Avery. Paul arrives as Dylan grabs him. Ian laments that lines were crossed. Downstairs at the bar, Billy arrives and Chloe pulls up a seat beside him. She realizes he's upset about something. Billy grumbles about Victoria and Stitch and drinks. Chloe urges him not to get wasted and act like a jerk. She'll take him home. Billy has one for the road. Later, Jack and Kelly arrive. He takes a Japan business call and runs into Summer, who learns that he's on a date with Kelly. He admits they're more than friends. Summer asks how he could do this to her mom. Meanwhile, Kelly waits in her suite.

Avery is still arguing with Leslie at her apartment when Ian calls. "My son needs your help."

Paul, Dylan and Ian arrive at the police station. Avery and Leslie show up. Ian sadly says he wants to help his son but doesn't know how. Avery gets up to speed from Paul and Dylan. She warns Dylan he played right into Ian's hands. They rejoin Leslie and Ian, who announces he won't press charges.

At the Abbott house, a drunken Billy thinks Chloe is Victoria. She tells him, "I'm right here."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer confronts Jack about cheating on her mom.

Chloe tells Billy she's right there and isn't going anywhere.

Chelsea says to Victoria, "You don't know if it's Billy's or Stitch's, do you?"

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