Y&R Recap: Checkmate.

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Cane is honest with Lily, Stitch and Victoria get close, and Chelsea gets news from Victor.

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Lily and Lauren look at Chelsea's new designs at the Club. They love them and wish things were better with Chloe. Lily understands how Chelsea feels because she was on edge after Colin tried to kidnap the twins. They talk about their lives going well. Lily mentions Victor dangling bigger challenges in front of Cane.

Kevin and Chloe arrive at The Underground. He's proud of her. Nearby, Abby worries about Vikki leaving with Stitch, but Tyler reassures her. They discuss Victor making people prove themselves. Lauren arrives and congratulates them on their engagement. Awkwardness ensues. Abby says it was a rumor. Lauren and Michael join Kevin and Chloe. Michael and Kevin go to the bar and Lauren enthuses to Chloe about Chelsea's new designs. Chloe didn't know about them and is livid. Kevin talks to Michael about his marriage - he wants it to be a forever thing. He returns to the table in time to hear Chloe tell Lauren she'd rather be working than spending time with him. Chloe tries to make it right, but Kevin is quiet. He pulls her aside and tells her they can' avoid going home forever. They agree to sleep in separate rooms. Meanwhile, Tyler broaches the subject of actually getting engaged to Abby. He says he's 500% sure and gets down on one knee. She exclaims, "Yes! Yes I will marry you!" Outside, Victoria is cold and insists on sitting in her vehicle to think. Stitch reminds her the cab is coming and tries to get her keys so she doesn't decide to drive. He throws the keys into the car and they both wind up in the backseat. After a minute they start kissing passionately. They make love and after, Victoria asks him not to say it was a mistake, because she's not sorry it happened.

At the ranch, Nikki beams at Reed playing chess with Victor. Reed wants to play video games. Victor tells him why chess is better. Cane arrives so Nikki takes Reed to the kitchen. Victor asks Cane if he found out who set him up. Cane needs Victor and his lawyers to buy him some more time. He says there is one guy who may have fed him the information who has disappeared. They spar about whether Cane wants to be CEO of Chancellor again. Victor chuckles that he doesn't seem disinterested. After, Victor resumes his chess game with Reed and teaches him about checkmate. Victor gets a call, listens, and says, "Well I'll be damned."

Chelsea greets Billy at Crimson Lights. She realizes he's pining about Victoria. He tells her things can't get much worse - his marriage is in ruins. Billy asks about the search for Adam and fishes to know if they have a real reason to believe he's alive. Chelsea snaps, "He's my husband, Billy." She asks about Victoria and learns of the separation. Billy says he's giving her time. Chelsea takes a call from Victor who says his P.I. traced the last call she got. She blurts, "You found Adam?" He says the call came from New Orleans. Chelsea thanks him. Billy grills her. She won't talk to him about it - he's only out for revenge. Billy asks about her work, but she tells him to go home. They end up talking about Johnny. Chelsea reassures him about his marriage.

Cane and Lily kiss in her office. She talks about business but he's still amorous. They end up making love on the desk. After, Lily asks Cane to be honest - does he want to go back to Chancellor? He replies, "Yeah. Yeah I do."

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki talk about their family after Reed goes to bed. Nikki suggests Victor show the kids he loves them, instead of telling them. Victor marvels that he doesn't get this whole thing. They cuddle on the sofa. Nikki promises when he gets back from Washington she'll help him mend fences with the kids.

Victoria and Stitch arrive at her place. She tells him she won't go running back to Billy asking for forgiveness like the time they kissed. Stitch tells her since they're being honest, he's thought about being with her every day since that kiss. He tells her the cab is waiting. Stitch tells her she's amazing, but he won't push. She watches him leave, almost removes her wedding band, but then doesn't.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon asks Hilary and Neil, "Did you guys share a room?"

Tyler tells Victor that he asked Abby to marry him. "I hope that we can have your blessing."

As Jack watches, Summer tells Ian in jail. "You took advantage of me, and I'm here to say thank you."

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