Y&R Recap: Suck It Up And Move On.

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Victoria and Stitch commisserate, Avery talks to Jack about Phyllis, and Hilary and Neil find a way to pass time.

Y&R Recap: Suck It Up And Move On. image

At home, Victoria is getting Reed ready to get picked up to go to the ranch. Reed sees her crying over the separation papers.

At the park, Billy tells Kelly about the separation. She thinks there is still a chance for him and Victoria, but he is sure he's lost everything. Billy talks about how awful life has been for both of them since that night - she's crying on a park bench again. Kelly says she's going to suck it up and move on. Victoria appears and watches as Billy offers her a handkerchief. They agree they're no longer one another's problem. Kelly says she has too get back to work and kisses his cheek.

Avery and Dylan play around at her apartment. She is half-dressed when they realize the phone is still recording video. She warns him to delete it.

In L.A., Neil and Hilary check into a cheap hotel room because they're flight was grounded for technical problems. They joke about who snores.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan takes a photo of the coffee machine that Nikki fixed with gum to send to the repairman. He gets a call that he sent a video of him and Avery by mistake. Billy enters and asks about the video. Dylan says he may have to go back to Afghanistan and hide. Billy tells Dylan about the separation and mentions he saw Kelly crying. Billy says he just wants Victoria - it's why he signed the papers. Dylan thinks it's a bold move giving her space. Billy asks him to make sure Stitch keeps his distance from Victoria. Dylan reminds him Victoria kissed Stitch. He hopes things work out.

At the Club, Abby bickers with Jack about Kelly. He points out they've all made mistakes they regret. They joke about Tyler sparring with Victor. Devon approaches Jack, who teases him about the car he bought Esme. He realized it was a PR move. Devon says Neil didn't get that. Jack muses that he wants to protect him. Esmerelda hears. Elsewhere, Stitch gets a call that Jenna is taking his son and moving away. Back in the dining room, Jack takes a call from Neil about the grounded flight. Jack assures him he'll look into it. After, Jack and Avery sit down together. Jack complains about Victor calling about Phyllis. Avery has been talking to Daniel - there's been nothing new for a few months. Jack says the recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Avery gently suggests they need to talk about what to do about Phyllis. She talks to him about making legal plans in case her condition deteriorates. Jack spots Kelly enter and says he knows some things should be looked after sooner rather than later. He follows her to the office and soon learns she has seen Billy. She says she was crying over the confrontation with Abby and Billy offered a handkerchief - that's it. She tells him Victoria had Billy sign separation papers. Jack says he told Abby that it's up to Victoria to decide now. "She can't blame you for any of this." When Kelly gets called away, Jack phones someone with a special request. He returns to Avery and they talk about how hard it is to let go. Avery says they'll have a conference call with Daniel to discuss financial and legal matters. Jack tells her Red is coming back, and he'll be waiting. In the office, Kelly finds the white rose of surrender left by Jack.

In L.A., Hilary tells Neil they have the night off so they'll find something to do that doesn't take much money. She produces food and beverage options and they put on the basketball. He asks if there's anything she doesn't know. She doesn't know how Leslie could walk away from a great guy like him. Neil has no idea. They debate basketball statistics until Hilary wins the pool.

At The Underground, Tyler tells Abby that Victor threatened him if he hurt her, but he thinks he's cool. Abby is pretty impressed with Tyler being willing to go toe-to-toe with her father. Nearby, Stitch, who is downing shots, is joined by Victoria. She shows him the separation papers, which she was going to copy at Newman, but she saw Billy with Kelly in the park. Stitch wonders what he was thinking. Victoria signs her papers. Stitch says his divorce came through today and his ex is taking his son out of the country. He suggests they get a cab. Abby notices them leaving together.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin tells Chloe they'll sleep in separate beds until she's ready and then they'll share one again.

Victoria and Stitch have a close encounter in the cab.

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