Y&R Recap: A Nice Kid.

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Victor spars with Tyler, Abby confronts Kelly, and Billy is stunned by Victoria's decision.

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Dylan kisses Avery in her kitchen. They talk about dessert being the most important meal of the day as they make their way to the bedroom. Summer arrives. Dylan leaves. Summer apologizes to Avery, who laughs. They chat about Nick and Summer mentions Sharon's in the hospital. She says Faith is scared and it made her think about Phyllis more. Neither of them are ready to give up hope. Avery is happy to hear Summer has enrolled in college. She assures Summer that Phyllis has to much to live for.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria introduces Stitch to Reed, who is visiting for Spring Break. Billy appears and asks, "Were you even going to tell me you were back in town?" Reed hugs Billy and is upset to learn something is wrong at home. Stitch excuses them once he makes it clear they ran into each other by chance. Vikki tells Billy she brought Reed to spend time with her parents. He muses that it had nothing to do with her missing him. Reed wants to spend time with Billy. Vikki says he can come to the house. Stitch watches them go. Dylan tells Stitch, "I know what you're thinking. It's a bad idea." Stitch insists he was just wishing his ex would give him another chance. "He's a lucky guy." Dylan asks what went down with Jenna. Stitch says he wasn't completely honest about something and she couldn't forgive him. Dylan advocates honesty. Avery arrives and asks if he's kept something from her. He insists he hasn't, but she tells him she won a recipe contest she didn't enter. They all laugh. Dylan and Avery head to her place for whipped cream.

At the Club, Abby wants to toast. Victor thought the engagement rumors weren't true. Tyler assures him he'd be the first to know. Victor says he wouldn't give his permission if Tyler came looking for it - they haven't known each other long enough. Abby is upset about his anti-Tyler attitude. She says they're both self-made businessman. Victor grills him about working at Jabot. They talk about working out and agree to spar after dinner. Abby is appalled. Tyler says he'll go easy on her dad. Abby says Victor will rearrange his face. Elsewhere, Jack tells Kelly that Forrester will contribute to the fashion show. She says she'll adjust the floor plan and dismisses him. He wants to look at the space. She makes a crack about his checkbook. Jack is exasperated at the hostility. He thinks she could use a friend. Kelly talks about building a life in Genoa City and they tour around. In the dining room, Abby spots them together and complains. Victor and Tyler head to the gym to box. Summer arrives and Jack introduces her to Kelly, who heads back to the office. Abby follows and warns Kelly not to hope for anything with Billy or use Jack to get close to him. Kelly tells Abby she doesn't get to judge her and throws her out. In the dining room, Jack worries Abby is making things worse. Abby reappears and says Kelly thinks the onus is on Victoria to fix the marriage. Jack thinks Kelly may be right.

At home, Reed worries about Victoria and Billy splitting up and his mom being lonely. Billy reassures him. When Reed packs to go to the ranch, Billy tells Victoria he missed them and he wants to come home. Victoria recalls him making the same pitch previously and now they're back there again. She can't keep worrying about how he'll hurt her next. "I want a separation." Billy is dismayed that she has papers. She needs a legal barrier to falling into it again. Billy signs.

In the GCAC gym, Tyler and Victor box with Stitch nearby. Victor gives Tyler a tip and Stitch joins in. Victor's impressed. Tyler steps back in to spar with Victor, who clouts him when he's not protecting himself. Victor decides Tyler's not ready to get in the ring with him yet. He spars with Stitch again. Victor tells Tyler he's a nice kid. "If you hurt my daughter, I'll come after you."

At Avery's place, she thanks Dylan for submitting her recipe - the website asked her to do a video. He gets his phone and videotapes them kissing.

Upset, Billy rushes into the park and stops short when he sees Kelly sitting on the bench.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Hilary tells Neil there are plenty of ways to have fun without wasting money.

Avery tells Jack they need to discuss what to do about Phyllis.

Victoria watches from a distance as Billy tells Kelly it doesn't matter if they're in the same place or if anyone sees them.

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