Y&R Recap: Holding The Bag.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Nick learns Sharon had shock treatments, Jack and Victor face-off, and Colin confronts Victor about Cane.

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At the hospital, Nick tells Noah to go home; he'll call with news on Sharon later. Doctor Meade later tells Nick that Sharon had shock therapy to try and eliminate her hallucinations. In her room, Sharon dreams that she sees Cassie. Nick enters. He feels bad for making love to Sharon too soon. Sharon dreams about Cassie saying she was 'just doing her job'. Sharon awakens and tells Nick she saw Cassie by the door. Nick says that wasn't real. Sharon sleeps. Later, Nick tells her she's been there a couple of days. They talk about their lovemaking. She says it wasn't too soon. Nick tells her she dreamed about Cassie. "She wasn't here." Sharon says of course she wasn't - she's dead.

At Crimson Lights, Summer talks to Faith about Sharon being in the hospital. Summer says she misses her mom too and reassures Faith.

Jack barges into Victor's office to ask about his sudden interest in Phyllis. Victor says he's concerned that Summer is holding out hope where there is none. They clash angrily about false hope and honesty. Victor asks Jack why he's spreading lies about him. He shows him a newspaper report on VivaSurge and accuses him of planting it. Jack says he'll pay for what he's done. Victor blusters, "You set me up!" Jack says he's a recovering addict, he'd never be stupid enough to do something like this.

At the Club, Lily asks Abby if she and Tyler are getting married. Abby complains about the online rumors and says she couldn't marry Tyler until he gets to know her family better. Abby wants Victor to see him as a good, decent man. Nearby, Cane finds Colin reading old documents. Colin starts in about business and speculates on Cane's plans where Bonaventure and Victor are concerned. Cane says he won't suck up to Victor for a job or return to Chancellor. Colin warns him that Victor might be setting him up to be left holding the bag. Victor arrives and greets Abby and Lily, who remarks that Cane will solve the Bonaventure mystery and get back to focusing on the Club. Victor mutters about him perhaps doing something more challenging. He asks Abby about the marriage rumors and warns her not embark on something she's not ready for. After, Abby tells Lily she won't admit to Victor that she and Tyler are serious. "Have you seen what he's done to Billy?" Victor sits down and Colin approaches. He introduces himself and Victor says Katherine told him all about Colin. They spar, and Colin asks if he expects his son to take the fall for Bonaventure. Victor tries to brush him off. Cane joins them. Victor says Cane can be trusted - it must have skipped a generation. Colin goes, and Victor asks Cane to sit. Lily looks over and tells Abby she's afraid that Victor already approves of Cane - she's concerned he'll lure him back to Chancellor. Abby tries to reassure her. Cane tells Victor he's found proof that Bonaventure was brought to his attention deliberately. He says Colin thinks it was Victor, who set him up. Victor asks if he agrees. Cane says he thinks someone set them both up. Victor says if his proof pans out, Chancellor is his for the running. Later, Colin brings Lily and Cane champagne as a peace offering. He apologizes for assuming Cane would rather be a high roller than work there. Abby, meanwhile, invites Victor to have dinner with her and Tyler.

At the park, Noah worries to Courtney about his mom being in the hospital. A man appears and asks, "Who's he?" Courtney, who is undercover, tells the man she needs to make a buy. He warns her not to screw with him or someone might get hurt. After, Noah wonders if she could do a less dangerous job. She says it gets her adrenaline going. Noah says he can do that.

Summer arrives at Jabot and tells Jack about Sharon being in the hospital. Jack asks if she knows why Phyllis is on Victor's mind these days. Summer shrugs it off. Jack says Victor thinks he's giving her false hope. Summer asks him to promise that he won't give up on her mom. Jack reassures her. Faith joins them and hands out 'feel better' cards.

Cassie's lookalike phones from a plane to ask about Sharon, but receives no information. She grabs her bag and stands up.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil asks Hilary if there's anything she'd like to see or do in L.A. She replies, "Actually, there is..."

Hilary and Neil are in the audience at "The Price Is Right." Hilary has been called to 'come on down'.

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