Y&R Recap: Those Eyes.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Billy and Chelsea talk, Neil confronts Lily, and Colin tricks Jill.

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In Jack's office, Billy takes him to task for trying to bribe Kelly to leave town. He says it was a Victor move. Jack admits he went too far and says Kelly put him in his place. Billy's glad. He says Vikki's gone to D.C. Jack advises Billy to turn around if he runs into Kelly again.

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Neil discuss some negative comments on the internet directed at her and her line. Chelsea worries Neil will drop her. Neil says Jabot has her back. She promises not to let him down.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Avery something is going on with Stitch - maybe he could bribe him to open up with some of her pie. He asks her about a recipe contest. Avery's doubting herself and rips up her recipe. After, Dylan puts the pieces in his pocket. Ian's Ward ex-wife, Willa, enters looking for Dylan. She asks if he found Ian. Dylan and Avery tell her he's in jail. She says if they really want answers, there's more they need to know. Dylan says he's done with it. Willa has an important piece of information, but needs to know what's in it for her. They warn her about blackmail. Avery threatens to press charges - she and the phony secret can rot behind bars. The woman takes off, saying they've got her number. Dylan wonders what she's really after.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill tells Katherine's portrait if the music box is junk she'll cross over to the other world and ring her neck. Colin appears, coughing and hacking. Jill wants to take him to Memorial. Colin acts even sicker but refuses medical care. Jill hollers, "I won't lose you!" Colin leaps up triumphantly. "You do care about me. I knew it!" Jill gapes. She recovers and says he's deranged. Colin wants her to admit they had great times and fantastic sex - if she just says the word they can have that again. Jill thinks he's just trying to get her guard down. Colin hollers at the top of his lungs about them being in love. Jill won't fall for him again. They talk about Jill's feelings about Katherine's death. Colin says he loves her. Jill won't admit her feelings - she's scared. The doorbell rings. Jill runs to get it. She tells Colin it's his true heart's desire - more boxes to go through. He tells her not to be afraid of him. She tells him to get digging.

Billy finds Chelsea searching for her wallet in the park. He sits with Connor to help out. "Those eyes..." Chelsea and Billy talk about their sons being half-brothers and he worries about Vikki and Johnny. The conversation comes around to Adam. Chelsea asks Billy if he thinks he could still be alive. They debate. Chelsea says in her heart, she doesn't believe he's gone. Billy tells her he died; it was meant to be. That's what he knows in his heart. Chelsea is talking to him about Chloe when she gets another mysterious call. "Adam? I know it's you."

In Lily's Club office, she briefs Kelly on her job. Hilary appears to discuss the fashion show. Lily doesn't have an opening and probably won't ever. Hilary sniffs that it must be nice to know your family will always hire you even when you're totally unprofessional. After, Kelly wonders why Lily sees her and Hilary differently. Lily says Hilary tried to drug her husband and take pictures. Kelly gets a strange look. Downstairs, Hilary tells Neil she couldn't get a meeting with Lily. Lily appears. Neil tells her he and Jack hired Hilary for the project and she needs to deal with it. Lily asks Hilary to excuse them. She rants to Neil that she's the only person who seems to remember what Hilary's capable of - she doesn't trust her. They argue. Lily storms off. Neil joins Hilary at the bar. She reassures him she won't let him and Jack down. He's impressed with her research. Meanwhile, in Lily's office, Kelly informs Jack that she's working for Lily. Jack tells her what he did was wrong and admits he enjoyed getting to know her. He tries unsuccessfully to redeem himself. Lily appears and enthuses about Kelly and Jack working closely on the fashion show. After, Kelly tells Jack she can't wait until this is over and they can avoid each other.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie asks Neil, "You're going away with someone? A woman?"

Dylan tells Nikki there's something he needs to tell her about Ian and his ex-wife.

In Victor's office, Billy tells him he needs to let it go and move on. Chelsea listens. Victor hollers, "You don't barge into my office and tell me what to do."

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