Y&R Recap: The Good In Your Father.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Nikki learns of Ian's cryptic messages, Sharon considers her options, and Cane meets with Victor.

Y&R Recap: The Good In Your Father. image

Paul visits Dylan at Crimson Lights to update him on Ian; Chris is taking his deposition. He feels Ian isn't done messing up lives. They talk about Ian's cryptic messages to them. Dylan says Ian told him if he looked hard enough he'd find the good in his father. He figures Ian's blowing smoke, but acknowledges there may be things he doesn't know about. On the patio, Faith asks Noah about Sharon.

Sharon wakes up in the hospital - Nick brought her the night before. She tells her therapist she saw Cassie. "She was real. She was there." She explains that 'Cassie' cried out in pain when she grabbed her hand. The therapist still thinks it's Sharon's inner struggle due to the secret. Sharon cries. The therapist advises her to come clean, but Sharon wonders about ECT - electroconvulsive therapy. "Nothing would hurt more than losing Nick."

At the Club, Lily kisses Cane and comments on him working overtime to find out what's up with Bonaventure. Cane promises his attention will be back on the Club soon. Lily asks if he's sorry they took the jobs there. Cane insists he's happy. By the door, Stitch wants to talk to Kelly about calling him a murderer. She says he'd have no friends if they knew what he was capable of. Stitch says, "Oh please, you already ruined my life once." She snaps that she's not responsible for Jenna leaving him. She won't say anything, but warns him the past catches up to you. Kelly finds Lily, who tells her the dentist she was setting her up with got engaged. Kelly orders a strong drink. Since the school's not hiring, Lily offers her a job there.

At Newman, Victor tells Nikki they're going to have dinner out of town tonight. She says Victoria called to wish them a happy anniversary. They discuss Victoria's marriage. Noah calls Nikki to watch Faith. Nikki learns Sharon's in the hospital and tells Victor she had a meltdown. Victor thinks Faith should be kept away from Sharon, who's an incompetent mother. Nikki warns him to stop interfering or he'll lose their kids for good. After, Victor calls the Cassie lookalike to meet him.

Nikki meets Noah and Faith at Crimson Lights. Noah leaves. Faith tells Nikki she's drawing a picture for Mommy, so she won't be sad about Cassie anymore. Inside, Paul tells Dylan he's dealt with everything very well. Paul says he didn't tell Nikki what Ian said to him; it's best. Nikki appears. "Why don't you let me decide that?" Faith interrupts. Nikki gets Paul alone. He tells her Ian's cryptic messages. Nikki is grim. "He's up to something." They watch Faith smiling with Dylan, and Nikki tells Paul that Sharon had a meltdown. She hopes Victor won't do anything. Nikki greets Stitch as she leaves. Stitch and Dylan discuss Billy. Dylan thinks Victoria was better off knowing the truth. Stitch doesn't think that's always the case.

In the park, Cassie's lookalike is hostile to Victor. She says things are getting sticky and she felt bad for Sharon, who was a mess. Victor smirks. "You want more money." He refuses to renegotiate. When she presses him, Victor suggests she leave Genoa City. She backtracks, but Victor says he'll find another way to learn the secret.

At the hospital, Sharon tells Noah she's still seeing Cassie and it seems so real. Sharon says if something doesn't work soon, she'll truly go out of her mind. Noah insists they'll figure it out and Nick won't stop caring about her. When Noah calls Nick, Sharon tells her doctor she'll go ahead with ECT. The doctor gives her something. Cassie's lookalike lurks and enters with flowers when the coast is clear. She says she's sorry. Sharon murmurs, "Go away." 'Cassie' says she was just doing her job. Sharon tries to follow her but passes out.

Cane meets Victor at Newman and they discuss the possibility that Bonaventure was planted in front of Cane deliberately, probably by the same person who set Victor up. Victor decides they need to find out who is behind this. If Cane finds out, he's back in as CEO of Chancellor. Cane grins.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly tells Jack she works for Lily now.

Jill says to Colin, "You're a pig. Do you not have one sincere bone in your whole damn body?" He starts, "As a matter of fact..." She snaps. "Oh stop it."

Chelsea asks Billy if he thinks there's a chance Adam could still be alive.

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