Y&R Recap: Treasure Hunt.

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Chelsea and Chloe face-off, Lauren and Michael question Jill and Colin, and Vikki won't stay.

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At the Club, Michael toasts to family as Chelsea arrives with Connor. Chloe thinks she came for her, but Chelsea says she's there for a business meeting and asks what's going on. Lauren says Chloe and Kevin got married. Chelsea says it's a way to scam the system. Chloe approaches Connor. Chelsea says she's not allowed to see him or be around him. Chloe wants her to ask the judge to lift the restraining order. Chelsea says she can't - she's the one who asked for it. Chloe thought she'd forgiven her. She wonders if it's Victor's doing. Chelsea says she did it herself - to protect her son from Chloe. Kevin takes Connor so they can hash it out. Chloe is appalled that Chelsea still thinks she could be a threat. Chelsea is appalled that her friend and business partner would abduct her child. They tear up over how things went so wrong. Later, Kevin wants to take Chloe home and hold her in bed. She's not ready for that. He says they'll take it one day at a time.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill is on the phone seeking information about Rachel Berenson. Colin arrives. They debate about the 'treasure hunt'. Jill expects it will prove to be a diversion, nothing more. They race to Jill's computer when an email comes in. It confirms Rachel was a translator during the war. Colin wants to talk about how romantic it all must have been. As he moves in close, Esther arrives with Michael and Lauren. Jill gets up to speed. Esther says she has high hopes for Chloe's marriage...unlike some. She goes upstairs and Lauren and Jill talk alone. Lauren asks for the real reason she married Colin. Jill says it was blackmail. They discuss it. Jill says she's choosing to stay married to him because she needs him to unravel the mystery, but won't share her inheritance. She whispers about how she'll double-cross him. Lauren accuses her of having deeper feelings than she'll admit. Jill protests. She says in the right light he can be very attractive, but he's her temporary husband. In the hall, Colin and Michael share cognac. Michael questions if he plans to double-cross Jill. Colin insists he'd never swindle Jill. Michael chuckles and issues a warning as a brother-in-law and a former District Attorney with friends. Colin says he's looking forward to a lifetime of wedded bliss. They clink glasses and drink. As they leave, Michael laughs with Lauren about being the only happily married couple there. Colin complains to Jill that his ears were burning. Jill says Lauren's worried they care for each other on some sick level. He moves in close again as Esther appears complaining about an ingrown toenail.

Abby and Tyler read a blog at Crimson Lights about them house-hunting and posing the question if wedding bells will follow. They tease each other. Leslie appears and asks if they're getting married. Tyler says they're not ready for that. He mentions his former engagement to Mariah. Leslie exits. Abby wonders what Tyler hasn't told her. She asks what kind of ring he bought Mariah. Tyler says he doesn't remember and references that he did things with Mariah he regrets and wants to forget about it. He tells Abby when he's ready to pop the question again she'll be the first to know. Abby says he said 'when' not 'if'. Elsewhere, Mariah reads the blog and taps her fingernails on a desk. She takes a ring out of a box and slips it on.

At home, Victoria tells Billy she's taking Johnny to DC to see Reed - tonight. He thinks she's afraid to be close to him, because she loves him. He questions what she'll tell Reed and when she'll come back. Victoria says she considered filing for divorce but Avery convinced her to hold off. Billy knows he has to prove he can be trusted. He tells Vikki he saw Kelly again. They end up talking about her kissing Ben. She says she wanted to get back at him - he rejected her and went into another woman's arms. He makes a heartfelt speech about wishing he could go back in time and kisses her. Johnny cries. Vikki goes to him but he wants his daddy. Billy reads him a story. He thinks they both need him. Vikki talks about how their marriage has been one crisis after another. He implores her to stay so he can rebuild trust. Once she's ready to go he takes her suitcase out.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly tells Ben he should be worried because he wouldn't have any friends if they knew what he was capable of.

Cassie's lookalike wants a bump in pay from Victor.

Nikki overhears Paul telling Dylan he didn't say anything to Nikki about what Ian said - he thinks it's best. She says, "Why don't you let me decide that?"

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