Y&R Recap: Yuks And Chuckles.

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Chloe receives a surprise, Kelly learns Stitch kissed Victoria, and Jeff returns.

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At the Club, Chloe reflects on having Kevin as her babysitter. Kevin reassures her. She worries about people whispering about her. Kevin reminds her he's the chipmunk. Suddenly, Michael, Lauren, Esther, and Gloria jump out and yell, "Surprise!" Michael says they got her there under false pretenses. Lauren grins - it was her idea. Gloria says Jeffrey will be by later. Esther pulls Chloe aside to say she's so happy for her and Kevin. Chloe explains why she remarried him. She tells Esther she's not who she was before. Esther says she's the best thing that ever happened to her. Michael tells Kevin he's proud of him. Gloria whispers to Lauren, "You know you're in trouble when Kevin's the stable one in the relationship." Lauren hisses, "Gloria!" Kevin overhears Glo saying Chloe is a mental wreck who needs therapy. She says this can't be swept under the rug. Esther gets in Gloria's face. Chloe intervenes. Everyone's irked with Gloria, but Chloe says she's right. She adds the celebration is too much. Kevin reassures her. Chloe tries to tell him she's different.

At Newman, Chelsea is thrilled to hear that Adam could be alive. She says they have to find him - he could be hurt. "Where did he go?" The homeless man says, "He went home." Victor asks how he knows. The homeless man says he could hear him thinking, "Home." After, Chelsea tells Victor she believes the homeless man. Victor thinks he's delusional. He also assures her he's checked the farm - Adam's not there. Chelsea begs him to stick with her on this.

At the penthouse, a man's hand holds a bag of dry cleaning. The receipt has the name Adam Newman on it. He carries the dark clothing upstairs. Chelsea returns home, sees the receipt and gasps. Jeffrey comes downstairs wearing Adam's suit. He thinks he looks snazzy. Chelsea gets upset and tells him to take the cufflinks off. She tells him he has no idea how to be a father. He apologizes for not coming back as soon as he heard about Adam. "I'm not good at this stuff." His yuks and chuckles wouldn't have done her any good. Jeff wants to be better. He says no one will ever bet on him, but he'll always bet on her. She'll get through this.

Victoria opens her front door to Billy, who says she kicked him out but she can't keep him from seeing his son. Victoria produces Johnny and says she'd never keep him from Billy. Billy asks to come home. He talks about the good old days and she asks him to stop. Her heart is still hurting. Billy convinces her to let him take Johnny out for a while. He tells Victoria he won't give up on her. Later, Victor arrives and chastises Victoria for leaving her door open. They discuss him losing Adam, and her situation with Billy. Victor wants her and Johnny to move into the ranch.

At Crimson Lights, Kelly tells Stitch she hasn't spoken to Billy lately. He muses that Billy and Victoria will probably get back together. She asks, "Did Billy and Victoria finally break up?" He warns her to stay out of it. She insists she's not clinging to Billy. Stitch points out he's the only thing she talks about. Kelly says he acts like such a kind and generous soul. "But I know the real you." They bicker. Kelly suggests Stitch should stop worrying about Billy and Victoria's marriage. Billy appears. "He can't do that, he knows exactly how he wants this to turn out." Kelly wonders what's wrong with the two of them. Stitch leaves. Billy tells Kelly that Stitch kissed his wife. She learns Victoria heard her message and says she should leave town like Jack wanted. Billy tells her she's amazing, but he can't talk to her anymore. Kelly spots Stitch on the patio and accuses him of wanting Billy's wife. She may have slept with Billy, but that's nothing compared to Victoria getting mixed up with a murderer. Victoria leaves someone a phone message.

Jeffery greets Gloria at the Club and they talk about Chloe and Chelsea. She takes him to get out of that suit. The others do a champagne toast. Michael says the family will support Chloe and Kevin. Chelsea enters with Connor.

Billy returns to the house with Johnny and heads upstairs. Victoria takes a call and thanks someone. Victor thinks it was a good decision. Billy reappears. Billy invites him to unleash on him but Victor leaves. Victoria tells Billy she's made a decision.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren asks Jill what on God's green earth possessed her to marry Colin. Jill replies, "Blackmail."

Victoria tells Billy she's taking Johnny to DC to spend time with Reed.

Chelsea tells Chloe she filed a restraining order to protect her son. Chloe asks, "From?" Chelsea says, "From you!"

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