Y&R Recap: Love Doesn't Conquer All.

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Lily finds Cane working on Bonaventure, Chelsea and Victor get a lead, and Sharon jumps to a stunning conclusion.

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Nick arrives at Sharon's house to find Summer and Faith waiting for her. He wonders where she is. Noah arrives and says he quit his job. He explains it was because of Victor covering for Adam. Nick respects his decision. They all wonder where Sharon got to. Noah asks if Nick's concerned because of Cassie. Faith appears. "What about Cassie?" Nick leaves. Noah and Summer chat. She asks him about leaving Newman and jokes that she knows a life coach. They hug on still being brother and sister.

At the cemetery, Sharon talks about getting the secret off her chest. She says once Nick learns the truth he'll run in the other direction. Cassie's lookalike presses her to come clean. Sharon balks. "Everyone will leave me." The Cassie clone angrily says they'll leave her anyway if she keeps acting this way. She urges her to confess. Sharon begins, but stops. Furious, Cassie's clone calls Sharon a manipulative piece of trash. Sharon grabs her - she seems so real. The girl screams that she is real and takes off. Nick arrives. Sharon tells Nick that someone else must be buried in Cassie's grave. "She's alive." The lookalike listens from behind a bush as Sharon protests it wasn't in her mind.

Lily is surprised to find Cane working on Bonaventure at the Club. He says Victor thinks someone set him up. Colin listens, unseen. Lily is taken aback that Cane wants to help Victor. Cane says Bonaventure's research impressed him during her cancer scare. Lily loves his big heart, but points out that he doesn't want his Chancellor job back. Cane agrees - he doesn't. Lily goes. Colin approaches Cane. "Why are you lying to your wife?" Cane insists he's not. He's just following up on Bonaventure because he convinced Victor to keep it and thinks Victor's innocent. Cane says he and Lily are fulfilling a dream. Colin is skeptical that Cane's dream is to work in the Athletic Club. Later, Neil complains to Devon about his split with Leslie. Esmerelda appears and kisses Devon. Elsewhere, Lauren talks to Lily about Kevin marrying Chloe to save her. Lauren says it works when love is there. Colin appears with Cane and crows about true love, like he and Jill share. Neil overhears and pipes up bitterly that sometimes love doesn't conquer all. Esmerelda whispers to Devon about Neil. Later, Neil apologizes. He tells everyone Esmerelda's the featured model for Chelsea's line. Esmerelda hangs all over Devon. Neil warns Devon, after, to be careful. Lauren questions Colin at a table about why he's in Genoa City. He says Jill wants him there. Lauren insists Jill doesn't, and she doesn't want her hurt. Colin says Jill isn't in need of protecting - she's a lioness. He talks about how she lights up when they work together.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor calls Georgia about Phyllis. He's told there's no sign she's coming out of the coma. He gets another call. "What have you got for me?" After, Michael Robinson from Seattle enters the office. Victor greets him heartily and makes arrangements to have lunch.

Chelsea meets Jack at Jabot to discuss the fashion show. She avoids questions about Victor. Jack goes on about how Victor could take advantage of her. Chelsea says it feels like he's putting her in the middle of their feud. Hilary enters. Chelsea leaves her portfolio and dashes excitedly after getting a call. Jack is suspicious about Chelsea's upbeat attitude. He asks Hilary to go with Neil to Los Angeles for work. Hilary shrugs that nothing's keeping her here. He asks, "What about Devon?" She says he's not available and asks about his lunch with Kelly. Jack says it didn't go as planned.

Chelsea arrives at Victor's office and learns his investigator found something - a homeless eyewitness. Chelsea wants to track him down. Later, the homeless guy arrives and recounts that he saw one guy run off and there was another man in the wreck - his clothes were on fire but he crawled out. Chelsea yells, "Adam's alive!"

Hilary arrives at the Club where Esmerelda tells her Lily is pulling for her and Devon. Lily and Devon approach with Neil and Cane. Hilary says she's there about the fashion show - Jack wants her and Neil to go to Los Angeles. Lily says it's not happening; she'll call Jack.

Phyllis' facility phones Jack to say they took a call from Victor Newman.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch tells Kelly that Victoria and Billy will probably get back together. She asks, "Did Billy and Victoria break up?"

Billy tells Victoria she can't keep him from seeing his son.

Chelsea tells the homeless man she needs to find her husband. "Where did he go?" The man says, "He went home."

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