Y&R Recap: One Strange Bird.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Kevin works to convince Chloe, Sharon's therapist makes a suggestion, and Victor surprises Nikki.

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Christine spots Lauren at the Club. Christine is getting takeout Cobb salad for Paul. They discuss Chloe. Lauren says she's not a criminal, she's grief-stricken.

At the station, Kevin has proposed to Chloe so she can be remanded into his custody. Chloe needs time to think. Michael pulls Kevin aside to question whether jumping into marriage with her again is a good idea. He cautions that Chloe doesn't think of Kevin the same way he thinks of her. Kevin doesn't care. Kevin returns to Chloe, who says she can't marry him. Kevin works to convince her. She doesn't want to be a burden, but finally agrees to get married. In Paul's office, Nikki has arrived with his favorite Cobb salad from the Club. They discuss Victor threatening Ian. Nikki says she hasn't been a fan of Victor's approach lately - he's alienated Nick and Victoria too. Nikki says she came to thank him for everything he's done - he's loyal and wonderful. They are laughing and smiling when Chris arrives with takeout. Nikki goes. Chris tells Paul she thought he was too busy for anything but work. Paul says he wasn't expecting Nikki...or the salad. He waves a white napkin in surrender. He admits he didn't tell Nikki about Ian's secret. She thinks Ian was likely just messing with them. Paul says he's one strange bird. Christine will do some digging.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor leaves a phone message looking for information on Sharon. Soon the Cassie lookalike shows up saying she got his message. He asks if she found out Sharon's secret. She says no, but she found out someone else knows it - Phyllis. Victor is puzzled. "Phyllis? What does she have to do with this?" Victor tells her to keep digging. She tells him Nick and Sharon are sleeping together. Victor wants him to find Sharon and finish the job. She says she's done. Victor offers to make her issues with the law go away. She tells him once he knows the secret, she wants him to be nice to Sharon. Victor says he despises Sharon and the secret is bound to hurt his son. He agrees to become passive, but nothing more.

At Sharon's house, she thanks Nick for not leaving her side since the incident with Cassie last night. He admits he still feels responsible. Sharon insists he's not the reason for her seeing Cassie. Nick assures her he's not going anywhere.

Avery and Dylan kiss at Crimson Lights. They discuss Billy and Victoria's situation. Avery hopes they work it out. She says Leslie and Neil broke up. Dylan wants to bring some positivity back in the room. Avery says she has something to share with him. Soon she's feeding him pies. She decides to go with the Key Lime when Nick arrives. They talk about Summer recovering from her run-in with Ian. Nikki watches Nick and Dylan interact from the doorway. She approaches Nick alone and wonders if she regrets dumping Avery. Nikki asks Dylan to speak to her on the patio about Ian. Dylan and Nikki are glad Ian's been dealt with. Dylan suggests they get breakfast sometime. Nikki's thrilled. Inside, Avery tells Nick she's happy he and Dylan are being civil. She says she and Sharon also had a non-abrasive moment. He asks how Sharon seemed. Avery realizes they're back together. She wants him to be happy. Dylan joins them. Nick thanks Dylan for being kind to their mother. Later, Dylan tells Avery he can't stop thinking about Ian's secret.

At her therapist's office, Sharon tells the woman she made love with Nick and then saw Cassie again. She feels she needs new medication. The therapist thinks there's a link between her intimacy with Nick and the traumatic experience. She thinks the solution lies in divulging her secret. Sharon admits she can't stand lying to Nick. "I'm going to tell Nick the truth...today." Later, Nick arrives, but Sharon is gone.

Lauren brings flowers to the station for Chloe and Kevin's quickie wedding. Michael and Lauren step away. He makes it clear he's not thrilled with Kevin's decision. The ceremony takes place. Kevin and Chloe hug. Michael looks concerned.

Nikki arrives at Newman and shares her good news about Dylan and Nick with Victor. She wants Victor to accept Dylan. She spots the photo of Cassie on his desk. Victor says he understands her wanting a relationship with her son - no one understands like he does.

At the cemetery, Sharon wants to talk to Cassie before divulging her secret. Cassie lookalike appears. "I'm right here."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Colin says to Lauren, "You're upset by the fact that Jill wants me here." Lauren replies, "But she doesn't."

Chelsea confronts Jack about trying to put her in the middle of his constant feud with Victor.

Victor welcomes Michael Robinson from Seattle into his office.

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