Y&R Recap: No Free Lunch.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Jack upsets Kelly, Billy squares off with Stitch, and Kevin makes a proposal to help Chloe.

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At the Athletic Club, Dylan offers support to Billy by the punching bag. Billy says he needs his little girl back and marriage intact. No one can give him that. He tells Dylan about Victoria kicking him out. Stitch appears. "Good for her." Billy thinks Stitch wants to swoop in. Stitch says Victoria loves Billy. Billy tells Dylan that Stitch kissed his wife. Stitch says he didn't wreck the marriage - he's her friend. He urges Billy to fix his marriage. Dylan intercedes. Stitch goes. Billy calls out that she'll never want him. Dylan tells Billy that Stitch was right - she deserves better. Billy tells Dylan he'll never hurt Victoria again. He just prays she's not done with him. Dylan warns him not to lie and hurt her more. Billy wishes he could take back what happened with Kelly. In the dining room, Kelly has joined Jack. He warns there's no such thing as a free lunch and reveals that he thought he'd give her an ear to talk about Sam's birthday. She smiles. He's a nice guy. She talks about her feelings and he opens up about Phyllis. They agree it's about doing what you can to cope every day. Jack says it's possible to move on from the dark place. Kelly thanks him. She talks to Jack about going back to teaching. Jack writes her a check and says he wants her to go somewhere - anywhere that's not near Billy. She says he lured her there with a conversation about her dead son. "Disgusting." She rips up the check. Billy sees her run out. He asks Jack, "What did you do to Kelly?" Jack replies, "What you should have done a long time ago."

Avery arrives at Victoria's house. Victoria wants her to help cut Billy out of her life the way she did Nick. "I want a divorce." Avery cautions her about rushing into decisions she'll regret. Victoria already has regrets. She has to do something and wants divorce papers. She tells Avery that Billy saw Kelly and gave her hope after saying he was through with her. "He still put her first." Avery says she loved Nick, but Dylan is her soul. "That's how Billy loves you." Later, Victoria opens her door to Stitch. He talks about his run-in with Billy and how he was making it out like she'd made the mistake. Victoria wishes she hadn't antagonized Billy. Stitch says he won't do it again, he just wanted to give her a heads up. She invites him in and tells him that Billy went to Kelly again. Stitch holds her.

Leslie and Neil meet by chance in Crimson Lights. They chat about Moses until she gets a message from work. Neil comments on her priorities. Leslie tries again to be friendly. Neil sighs that they're not friends. They begin debating about the marriage situation. Leslie says love should be enough. Neil reiterates that they can't be friends. Leslie says that hurts her. He wonders if it hurts her enough to reconsider marriage. She says it's not him... He leaves. Avery appears. "How do you convince someone not to give up on love?" Leslie wishes she knew. She confides in Avery that she and Neil split up over the idea of marriage and they are back to being strangers.

At the police station, Michael, Kevin, and Chloe debate about whether Chloe should plead guilty. Kevin is adamant that Chloe should remain free, like Billy did after he held Adam at gunpoint. Chloe says Connor was innocent, Adam wasn't. Michael and Kevin continue to bicker. Chloe says pleading guilty was her choice - the worst has happened and the rest doesn't matter. Michael leaves to take care of the matter. Chloe tells Kevin he's always been there for her, but where she's going now, he can't come. Michael returns and says he cut a deal to get Chloe out-patient treatment, but she has to be remanded to someone's care. Kevin says, "Mine. Done." Michael says he doesn't qualify - it has to be a legal relative. Kevin proposes. "For better or worse, but mostly to keep you out of Fairview."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery asks Nick, "You're back together with Sharon, aren't you?"

The Cassie lookalike tells Victor there's someone else who knows Sharon's secret. "Phyllis." Victor is stunned. "Phyllis?"

Sharon tells her therapist, "I am going to tell him the truth. Today."

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