Y&R Recap: Hoochie Mama.

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Jack and Abby discuss Kelly, Victoria throws Billy out, and Sharon and Nick give in to passion.

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The Cassie lookalike enters Victor's office. She tells him if he wants to know Sharon's secret he'll have to get someone else. "I'm out." Victor chuckles and talks about her uncanny resemblance to Cassie. When she tries to leave, Victor says he knows what happened in Portland and can have her thrown in jail. The girl wonders what his son would think about their arrangement. Victor tells her not to go there, and orders her to find out Sharon's secret.

At Sharon's house, she and Nick kiss passionately. They make their way to the bedroom and make love. After, they both admit they've been thinking about this happening for a while now. Sharon feels stronger than she has in a long time. Downstairs, the Cassie lookalike searches around. Sharon comes down for snacks and spots her. She asks if she came back because she made love with Nick. Cassie's lookalike wonders if she told him the secret. Sharon says she can't tell Nick now, and Phyllis is the only one who knows and she can't tell anyone. The lookalike suggests that Sharon tell her the secret. Sharon, suspicious, says she already knows. Upstairs, Nick hears Sharon talking. Downstairs, Sharon asks the Cassie lookalike why she's tormenting her. She grabs her and calls out for Nick. The Cassie lookalike knocks her unconscious and runs out. After, Nick thinks Sharon is delusional because they slept together.

Abby finds Jack working late at Jabot. She talks about cross-promotion at the fashion show. Jack mentions Billy and Victoria. Abby calls Kelly a home-wrecker. Jack reminds her Kelly lost a child too, and that Billy is an adult. He admits she came to see him. Jack is taken aback when Abby still calls her a hoochie mama. He asks when she became the morality police. Abby sighs. She just wants something different than Ashley - something that lasts. Jack muses they all want that. Abby asks about Phyllis. "Will there ever be any change?" Jack says Phyllis never gave up on a fight. Abby thinks Jack should move on. He tells her to focus on getting Victoria to forgive Billy. Abby tells Jack the perfect woman for him could be out there. Later, Jack calls Georgia - there's no change with Phyllis.

At home, Billy is stunned when Vikki screams at him to get out. She plays Kelly's phone message. Billy says it's not what she thinks. Vikki hollers. She wonders if he met Kelly before or after he told her she was out of his life for good. He reminds her she was kissing Stitch while he was at the park talking to Kelly. Victoria points out that once again, right after he was with Kelly, he went to bed with her. After Billy admits he left it open that he and Kelly might be friends again - he couldn't hurt her feelings - Victoria yells, "Since when are her feelings more important than mine?" Billy tells her to let it go. Victoria needs time and space. She cries as he leaves.

Lily asks Kelly for some assistance finding organizations to help with the fashion show at the Club. Kelly says she quit her job. Lily asks if it was because of Billy. They chat about Kelly's pain. Lily says they've all made mistakes and she can see Kelly's a good person. Kelly thinks she's ready to be around kids again. Lily offers to call a friend in the school system about a teaching job. Kelly's thankful. After, Lily wants to set Kelly up with a dentist friend. Kelly isn't interested. Lily asks if she's hung up on Billy. Kelly denies it.

Billy enters Jack's office. "Can I stay at your place tonight?" Jack tells him to avoid Kelly. Billy says he can't pretend they don't have a connection. Billy leaves for Jack's house. After, Jack calls Kelly and invites her to lunch the next day.

At Crimson Lights, Victor overhears Sharon's former therapist talking about Sharon and how she had manipulated a situation that was very hurtful to her ex-husband and was afraid that if he found out, she would lose any chance of getting him back again.

Abby arrives at Victoria's house with pink lingerie. Victoria says it won't cure what's wrong with Billy and her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly says to Jack, "So you have an agenda. Should I be worried?"

At the gym, Billy tells Dylan his buddy Stitch kissed his wife. Stitch warns, "Don't act like I'm the one messing up your marriage."

Victoria says to Avery, "I have to do something, so this is it. I want divorce papers, now."

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