Y&R Recap: I Cleaned Up A Mess.

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Billy confronts Stitch, Kelly visits Jack, and Victor decides to look for Adam.

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Sharon greets Stitch at the hospital. She says she's seeing Dr. Meade for some emotional issues. They discuss Dylan and Nick's heroics. Stitch mentions he's getting divorced. Sharon gives him advice. In a room nearby, Victoria admits to Billy that she kissed Stitch. She tells him he has no right to question whether he responded or not. She adds that she's not sorry she kissed him, and especially not sorry that it was Ben. Victoria notes that he liked and trusted Ben, so it feels the same as with him and Kelly. Billy gets checked out and they exit. Billy spots Stitch and tells him to keep his hands off his wife. Stitch suggests he focus on making things right with Vikki. Billy tells him to stay away.

At the penthouse, Victor tells Chelsea that Paul believes no one could have survived the explosion. Chelsea's not satisfied with that - she doesn't believe Victor is either. She tells him about the strange call - she felt it was Adam. Victor thinks it was a wrong number. She wonders if she wants Adam dead. Victor says the loss of his son means more to him than he's let anyone know. He asks if Chelsea will accept the truth if his operatives discover he's dead. She won't give up hope until there's proof. Victor says if he was alive, he may not want to be found. He advises her not to torture herself.

Kelly drops in on Jack at Jabot to discuss her future with Billy. She clarifies that she means the Delia Project - she quit her job at the non-profit. Kelly makes it clear to Jack she never expected anything beyond friendship with Billy - she wants him to know she's a good person. She tells Jack when she looked in his eyes at the gala, she felt like she knew him. If he could forgive her, she might start forgiving herself. Jack discovers today is her son's birthday. He's not sure about forgiveness, but her loss he understands. Jack tells her she's not solely responsible for what happened. She thanks him and leaves the Delia Project folder. Later, Jack looks at her card and seems thoughtful.

Nick meets Noah at the Club. They discuss the Ian Ward situation. Noah asks about Sharon. Nick says she's getting new meds and their working on a new kind of relationship. Noah says he's back with Courtney. Nick asks about his job. Noah's not thrilled with all of Victor's decisions. They talk about Bonaventure being investigated by the feds. Noah asks why Nick told Summer to stay away from Victor. Nick tells him about the decision Victor made that hurt so many. "I'm done with him." Sharon appears. Noah leaves for the office. Nick tells Sharon they were discussing the family...and her. He says she looks good. Chelsea enters. Sharon approaches and asks if she's still imagining if Adam's alive. Chelsea says Adam's not dead, and she's not crazy. Sharon bristles. Nick joins them as Chelsea rants at Sharon about them not being friends. After, Nick admires how Sharon didn't take that personally.

At home, Victoria demands that Billy apologize to Ben. Billy says he'll do anything but that - he violated the guy code. Billy asks, "Are you sure this isn't about wanting Stitch?" She snaps, "Are you sure this isn't about wanting Kelly." Billy says their anger means they still love each other. Vikki needs time. Billy goes to shower. His phone rings - Vikki sees it's Kelly. Vikki listens to the message - Kelly thanking him for yesterday in the park. Billy comes downstairs. Vikki hollers, "Get out!"

At Newman, Victor tells Noah he wants to promote him. Noah asks him if he knew the drug Summer took was being sold online. Victor denies any knowledge of it, and says he's being set-up. Noah brings up him covering for Adam. Victor says he'd do it again. Noah says he can't work for him anymore. Later, Victor looks at photos of his family.

Chelsea arrives at home. Victor calls asking for any records that would help them find Adam.

Stitch finds Kelly at the Club bar - he knows it's Sam's birthday. She notes she's doing better than last year. She says she cleaned up a mess today. He hopes he hasn't created a better one.

At Sharon's house, she and Nick discuss Chelsea. Sharon understands what she's going through. Nick likes her compassion. They kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Abby, "Kelly came here to see me." Abby's not impressed and asks, "Oh, is she after you too?"

Nick and Sharon undress each other in the bedroom.

The Cassie lookalike says to Victor, "I wonder how your son would feel about our little arrangement?" Victor warns her she'd better not go down that road.

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