Y&R Recap: Dead Or Alive.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Victor makes Cane an offer, Victoria talks to Jack, and Chelsea wants Victor's help.

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At home, Chelsea leaves Billy a message - she needs to talk to him about Adam.

Stitch runs into Abby in Crimson Lights. Abby mentions Ashley's still single. Abby learns he's about to be divorced. She comments that he must be going through a rough time, trying to put thoughts of a woman behind him. He flashes to kissing Victoria. "Something like that." He tells Abby to tell Ashley hello.

At the Club, Cane tells Lily of another canceled reservation. He thinks the hostage-taking has had a ripple effect. Lily knows exactly how to turn things around. Cane loves her idea. In the dining room, Victor reads the newspaper report on the Bonaventure investigation. He tells him table-mate that Jack set him up.The man needs to make sure he has time to prove it. At the bar, Cane asks Victor about the investigation. Victor recalls that Cane was the one who urged him to hold onto Bonaventure. Cane says he thought Lily's cancer had come back and Bonaventure was doing good research. Victor suggests that Cane might have set him up because he was bitter after being dismissed as CEO. Cane assures him he had nothing to do with this and says he hates to see the Chancellor name dragged into it. Victor asks Cane to make sure the good name of Chancellor, and Victor's name, is cleared by returning to run the Chancellor side of the business as CEO. Cane says he's got his own headaches at the Club. Victor tells him if he gets tired of being an innkeeper, his offer stands. "Don't take too long."

At Jabot, Neil thanks Hilary for listening to him last night. Jack arrives. He's happy because Victor's under investigation and will get what he deserves. When Hilary steps out, Neil talks to Jack about his break-up. Later, Hilary returns and goes over numbers with Neil. Lily finds them laughing together. She asks what Neil's doing with this witch. They trade insults. Neil tells them to stop. Lily says she came because she has an idea that would benefit all of them. She wants to launch Chelsea's new line at the Club. Neil likes it - he'll run it by Jack. After, Hilary tells Neil it's a good idea.

Victoria arrives at home. Billy is surprised she's still stand-offish since they made love the night before. She says she's not sure they fixed what's broken. Billy thought it was a breakthrough. They argue again. Billy remarks that he's just glad she didn't tell him who she kissed. Billy wants to believe they can fix things. She does too. Later, Jack arrives and finds Victoria there alone. She talks about feeling angry and depressed - forgiveness isn't happening. Jack runs down Billy's flaws and says he may have destroyed the one great thing he had going for him. Victoria says it sounds like he's trying to convince her not to forgive him. Jack says he'd like to see them work things out, but it's up to her. He believes trust can be rebuilt. After, Victoria gets a text from Stitch who hopes she's feeling better.

At Chelsea's penthouse, she asks Billy about the last time he saw Adam. Billy describes how he got out of the car and walked away. He says he looked back and didn't see Adam. Chelsea thinks he could have got away then. Billy reminds her the cops saw a body in the car before it exploded. Billy tells her he doesn't blame her for what Adam did. She asks what Adam's last words were. Billy says he was talking about her and Connor. Billy told him he was glad he'd never see them again, and Adam disagreed. Later, Victor arrives and they discuss Chloe briefly before she asks for a favor. She wants him to use his resources to find Adam. Victor says he'll think about it. Chelsea asks if he wants access to Connor, he'll find Adam - dead or alive.

Jack finds Abby at Crimson Lights on the phone with Ashley relaying Stitch's 'hello'. Jack says he just came from Victoria and Billy's house.

Vikki sees Stitch at the hospital. She's meeting Billy there; he has a follow-up appointment. Stitch tells her not to worry about the kiss. Vikki says she told Billy about it, but not that he was her victim. Billy appears. Stitch exits. Billy tells Victoria that Stitch must be the guy she kissed.

Jack returns to Jabot, where Neil and Hilary tell him Lily's idea. He likes it.

Lily returns to the Club, where Cane says Victor offered him his old job back. She scoffs. "No point even thinking about that. You're not going to take him up on the offer anyway."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly says to Jack, "I wanted to talk to you about my future with Billy."

Noah tells Victor he can't work for him anymore. "I quit."

Billy points at Stitch. "You keep your hands off my wife."

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