Y&R Recap: He's Out There.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Chelsea and Anita discuss Adam, Jill and Colin search for answers, and Dylan declares his love.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Colin mocks Jill for playing old records. She thinks it will get them in the frame of mind of Katherine's father. Colin starts dancing with her as Lauren enters. She's there to check on Esther. They discuss Chloe, and how many people were hurt by Adam's actions that night. Jill tells Lauren about the progress on the music box mystery. She says it looks like Rachel and Shep, Katherine's father, were romantically involved. Lauren finds a pertinent diary entry, but has to leave. Jill reads it and tells Colin now she thinks Rachel and Shep met during the war effort. They debate. Colin ends up telling Jill he never lied about loving her - and it has nothing to do with money. Jill isn't convinced. They imagine themselves as Shep and Rachel and try to figure out what happened with them. Colin imagines a romantic parting of ways. Colin says to Jill, "No matter what happens, I'll always love you." They kiss. Jill snaps out of it and slaps him. She says they're not Shep and Rachel. "Get back to work." Colin grins.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan complains to Avery about Leslie defending Ian Ward. He's concerned he'll go free. They bicker. Avery won't interfere with Leslie's choices. She thinks knowing the truth has changed Dylan for the better. She also thinks it was good for Nikki to confront Ian and let go of the shame she'd carried around. It brought Nick and Dylan closer too. Dylan tells her not to plan any family get-togethers yet. Avery wouldn't dream of it. They kiss. Avery talks about the past and explains why she went back to Joe after losing the baby. They revel in being a normal couple now.

Kevin and Michael discuss Chloe's situation at the station. Michael says the psychiatrist's evaluation will have a huge impact. Michael hopes if she's found guilty she'll be sent to Fairview. Chloe appears. "You think I belong in a mental hospital?" Michael says it would be preferable to prison. Kevin complains about bail being denied. He wants Michael to do whatever it takes to get her out. Chloe says thinks maybe she should be in a mental hospital. Kevin says it was all just grief. She apologizes for not seeing his pain before. They hug. Lauren arrives and reassures a frustrated Michael. Lauren gets a call - she has to cancel a planned getaway she booked for them. Michael thinks they should go - he's learned you have to seize the moment. Chloe is taken back into custody.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Connor that Adam might come walking in the door. The doorbell rings. Chelsea opens it. "Adam?" It's Anita. Chelsea is snappy with her. Anita thinks she's actually mad at Chloe. She hopes she gets locked up. Chelsea says she's not a nut job, she's grieving. She blames Anita for leaving Chloe alone with Connor that night. Anita thinks it was her lack of maternal instincts and bad judgement. She promises it will never happen again. They debate whether Chelsea is exhausted. Anita wonders why else she would think Adam was at the door. Anita wants Chelsea to accept that Adam's gone, but Chelsea says no one can prove he's dead. "He's out there." Chelsea shows Anita out and tells Connor that Daddy will come home. She then calls Billy and says she needs to talk to him about Adam. Elsewhere, Adam's hand is seen resting on a blanket. It moves. An overhead light goes in and out of focus. Someone with blue latex gloves enters the room.

In the park, Avery and Dylan hold hands and kiss. She's happy to do it in public. Dylan leaps onto the park bench and declares his love at the top of his lungs. They kiss. Passing citizens applaud. They kiss again.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane tells Lily that Victor wants to give him his old job back.

Chelsea tells Victor she didn't invite him over for a playdate - she needs a favor.

Victoria tells Stitch, "I told him about the kiss, but I didn't tell him you were my victim." Billy appears.

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