Y&R Recap: Keep Reading Kangaroo Boy.

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Jill enlists Esther's help, Victor and Jack confront Ian Ward, and Nikki helps Summer.

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At Jabot, Nick tells Jack about Summer being taken in by a life coach. She arrives. They fill Jack in on Ian Ward. Summer says she's done with looking to others to decide her life. Nick and Jack advise her to talk to Nikki. Once alone, Jack cancels his appointments.

At the ranch, Nikki and Dylan pat each other on the back for standing up to Ian Ward. Victor appears and complains he heard about their busy day secondhand. Dylan says Nikki helped Summer and that Ian is his father only by blood. Once alone, Victor complains to Nikki about the secrets in their marriage. They agree they love each other and want trust. Nick and Summer arrive. Victor reassures Summer before leaving. Summer tells Nikki she wants to confront Ward, but Nikki and Nick encourage her to vent her anger there instead. Summer pretends to confront Ian. Nikki is proud.

In the GCAC gym, Abby finds Tyler strangely quiet. She realizes he's upset about Leslie and Neil. In the dining room, Cane, Lily and Colin discuss the hostage-taking. Cane asks what Colin's doing in Genoa City. Colin admits to having an agenda - Jill. Cane wonders what's next. Colin says, "Keeping her." Lily says she wouldn't be surprised if he shot that guy on purpose to look like a hero. Lily spots Tyler and Abby and goes to confront Tyler about his sister. Tyler says Leslie was honest with Neil from the start. Lily feels she led him on. Abby asks, "Didn't you do that with Tyler?" Lily says Tyler was after her. Abby reminds her Tyler's not responsible for Leslie's choices. Meanwhile, Colin tells Cane that ambition's in his blood. He wonders what will happen to Cane's marriage when the Club is no longer enough. Cane admits he misses running Chancellor. After, Cane takes Lily away from Tyler and Abby. Tyler reassures Abby, who's upset at the argument. They decide to get a room. Nearby, Lily senses Cane feels down, but he says he has everything a man could want.

Esther irritates Jill at the Chancellor Estate, but Jill comforts her when she cries about Chloe being in jail. She tells Esther she has her support. Talk turns to the the photo of Rachel Berenson. Esther remarks on Colin having a hold over Jill. Jill says she's in a race with Colin to find out about Rachel, and Esther can help her. They go through journals. Esther reveals that Katherine's father was a spy. Jill wonders if the answers they need are in code. They agree to work together. Later, Colin arrives and asks about their progress. Jill starts telling him, but Esther gestures oddly. Colin realizes Esther is holding the missing corner of the photo. They all peer at what it says - Picadilly Photo, London. Colin wants to celebrate, but Jill hands him a journal. "Keep reading Kangaroo Boy."

At the station, Paul tells Ian he'll be in an orange jumpsuit for a long time, but Ward laughs. He says Paul should be thanking him. Paul sneers at the idea. Leslie arrives - she's Ward's attorney. She says Paul has a conflict of interest and the case will be dismissed. Dylan arrives and asks Ian, alone, why he came back and did all of this. Meanwhile, Jack arrives - he wants the book thrown at Ward. Dylan and Ian emerge from Paul's office. Jack tells Ward he's Summer's father. Leslie goes to call the judge. Victor arrives and tells Ward he's the soon-to-be-worthless maggot on the bottom of his shoe. Ward says petty threats are for the weak. Jack and Dylan warn Victor the charges may not stick. Victor asks Dylan if he brought the package for Paul. Dylan nods. Victor says it's all Paul needs. Leslie returns saying Ward's case is dismissed, but Paul plays the recording of Ian's conversation with Nikki that proves extortion. Victor tells Ward to pray to stay behind bars or he'll deal with him his way. Jack says he and Victor agree on Ward. Victor tells Jack the FDA is opening an investigation into Bonaventure. Victor wonders when Jack will give up - he never loses. Meanwhile, Dylan thanks Paul and tells him Ian alluded to knowing a secret.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin asks Michael what will happen if the doctor doesn't give Chloe a good report. Michael says hopefully she'll be sent to Fairview. Chloe hears. "You think I belong in a mental hospital?"

Anita thinks Chelsea is suffering from mental exhaustion because she assumed Adam was at the door.

Colin tells Jill he will always love her. They kiss.

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