Y&R Recap: A New Low.

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Jack confronts Victor, Abby hears Tyler out, and the search is on for Billy and Adam.

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At Victoria's house, Nikki and Nick reassure her that Billy wouldn't do anything that would take him away from her and Johnny. Victoria encourages Nikki to go home to rest. After, Victoria tells Nick about Victor telling her about Adam and being concerned for Billy. Nick says he was acting weird at The Underground before. Victoria is upset that she didn't realize something was wrong when Billy missed the foundation meeting.

At the station, Paul directs his officers to look for Billy and Adam around the hit-and-run site. Later, an officer brings in Adam's glove that was found there. Nick arrives for an update. Paul updates him. Nick thinks Billy is calling the shots. He mentions Cassie's death and how he wanted Daniel to see her favorite places. Paul says he may be onto something.

In the wreckage of the car crash, someone kicks out the window and a bloodied hand is seen hanging out. One of them gets out and tries to stand. He gets to his feet and stumbles away in the snow. The fingers of the bloodied hand move.

At the prison, Chris tells Lauren and Michael that since Fen took the deal she's moving him to a prison out of town. Michael asks to postpone the hearing, but Fen and Chris don't want to. Chris steps out. Fen asks his parents to try and be strong. Michael gets a call and says he has to go - he can't tell them where. When Chris returns, Lauren wonders when Michael will be back.

Traci and Abby worry about Billy and Adam at the Abbott house. Traci says it must be killing Jack - she thinks a family breakfast might help. Abby wonders where Jack is. They muse that there will be another Abbott/Newman battle - and it's going to be epic. Abby feels bad for Victor - he considered Delia to be a granddaughter. Tyler arrives. He tells Abby he came to help and not to push him away. Traci and Abby talk about Kyle having gone to New York. Traci goes to update him. Abby gives Tyler five minutes to talk. Tyler tells her he loves her and if she could forget about Mariah they could have something special. They kiss. Abby says there's nothing to forgive him for. Tyler tells her he'll take legal action if Mariah doesn't leave them alone. Abby takes his phone and leaves Mariah a voicemail. "It's time we met."

At the ranch, Victor tells his investigator that his eyewitness talked to the cops. He wants him to find Adam and Billy. As the man leaves, Jack arrives. He confronts Victor about knowing Adam was responsible for Delia's death and using it for his own gain. "Whatever happens to Billy and Adam now is on your head." Victor says the important thing is to find Adam and Billy. Jack says he's an accessory after the fact. "This is a new low even for you." Jack wonders how his family will react when they find out he knew. Victor tells Jack he was close to Adam - he should have known. Jack tells Victor he's about to get a big dose of karma. Jack is hollering about him using what he knew to blackmail his son when Nikki arrives. Jack tells her Victor knew long before the police that Adam was responsible for Delia's death. He explains how he figured it out and leaves. Nikki asks Victor if he knew before the police. He refuses to discuss it. Nikki gasps that Jack was right! She's furious that he kept this from Victoria and Billy. Victor justifies it by saying Billy would have unleashed his fury on the family. Nikki says he betrayed their daughter to protect his murdering son. Victor hollers that everything he does is for the sake of his family. Nikki yells back that she'll never understand how he could do something like this!

Jack arrives at home and tells Traci that Victor wouldn't admit a thing, but he was right and Nikki knew it too. Traci asks if it's Victor he's really upset with. Jack talks about Adam and their closeness. He would have tried to understand if it was anyone but Delia. They worry about Billy and what is going on.

Nick and Paul arrive at the scene of the wreckage. Nick says it's Adam's vehicle. A witness says a man walked away. Nick hollers to Paul, "There's somebody in here!" They don't know who it is - they'll need the jaws of life. The car bursts into flames.

Michael knocks on an apartment door. Carmine opens it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren yells at the judge that she's the one who should be paying for her mistakes, not her son!

Victoria asks Nick (as Chloe looks on), "Where is Billy?" Nick says they don't know - there was an explosion.

Paul tells Jack he can't see how anyone in that vehicle could have survived.

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