Y&R Recap: Say It!

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Kevin gets the information he was looking for, Chelsea and Chloe argue, and Billy takes Adam for a ride.

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At the work studio, Chelsea tells Chloe she came to say goodbye. Chelsea says she married Adam but didn't invite Chloe because she can't stand him. Chloe warns Chelsea her blissful life with him will never happen. They argue heatedly. Chloe rants and rants about Adam. Chelsea frantically asks her to stop - she doesn't want to have to choose between her best friend and her husband. Chloe says she already did when she decided to take their little boy away. Chelsea gapes. She tells Chloe that Connor is not her son and never will be. Chloe says she knows that - she's not a mother. Chelsea apologizes. They part tearfully.

At the station, Kevin tells Paul he's working on a lead Billy gave him - someone in a chat room seems too invested in Billy's loss. Paul thinks it's a long shot. Kevin say he'll have the IP address any minute. He grouses about the DMV being slow as well. Suddenly the IP comes back. Kevin says, "It was him all along. He did it." Kevin decides to go find Adam but Paul warns he won't let him blow this. He tells Kevin to sit his ass in his chair. Kevin sobs. "She was just a baby and he left her there."

At the penthouse, Adam tells Billy he's on his way to do something he should have done a long time ago. Billy says right now he has to deal with him. Adam insists he has to go. Billy gets intense. Adam says Connor's asleep upstairs. Billy talks about how he used to watch Delia sleep. Adam asks why he came there, and what he wants. Billy doesn't answer. Adam says he's leaving. Billy pulls his gun out. "You're coming with me."

At the Club, Jack fills Hilary in on Kyle parting ways with Victor. They discuss Chelsea and Adam's wedding. Jack says something is going on with Adam and he's worried. Hilary says he has good instincts and is probably right. Kyle appears. They talk about tracking down Jill to tell her about Bonaventure. Hilary says she's on it. Jack leaves and Kyle accuses Hilary of having a 'thing' for his father. Hilary insists she merely admires and respects him. Kyle's not buying it. Hilary says she is grateful for how Jack's treated her, but doesn't have 'thing' for him. Hilary points out that Jack is in love with someone else. Kyle counters that he may never be able to have a life with her.

Sharon is mid-workout in her living room when Nick arrives. Nick says Summer will be released tomorrow, but he doesn't get to pick her up - Jack does. Sharon talks about exercising to help her therapy. He says he's proud of her. She says she hasn't had a vision of Cassie since his birthday. Sharon says she's aiming to feel peaceful and alive. Nick says the last time he felt that was...someone knocks. It's Jack and Summer, who got released early. Summer thanks Sharon for getting her to the hospital and apologize for scaring them and letting them all down. Sharon's just glad she's okay. "You're my family too." Summer also thanks her 'dads' for being there for her. After, Nick is sad about Summer going home with Jack and not him. He says he raised Summer and now Jack will get to walk her down the aisle. Sharon hugs Nick and sees Cassie looking in at them. She pulls away.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney asks Noah if Summer is okay. Noah says she fine, considering, but she shouldn't go near her. Courtney insists she doesn't do drugs. Noah argues that he caught her buying them. She says she can explain and kisses him. Noah grills her about Zach and why she buys drugs. He wants to help. She says he can't.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Summer discuss her taking the pills. Jack says Phyllis would have yelled, but then hugged her tight. He tells Summer that Phyllis' brain is responding to music. Summer asks him to be honest - does he really think her mom will come back?

Adam drives his vehicle while Billy holds the gun on him. Adam asks where they're going. Billy says nowhere he hasn't gone before. At the roadside memorial, Billy asks him about the flower, and mentions the foundation and being anonymous. Billy says he was here before - the night Delia died. Billy points the gun at Adam and hollers through gritted teeth for Adam to say it. Adam says he's sorry. Billy wants him to say it was him. "Say it!"

Chelsea gets home and calls out for Adam. She finds his 'I love you' note with the video camera. Smiling she starts the camera and then horrified, hears Adam's confession.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor is with Chelsea when the police arrive at the penthouse. He tells her he'll take care of it.

Kevin tells Chloe there's been a major break. She asks, "Have they tracked down the hit-and-run driver?"

Adam asks Billy what more he wants. "I've told you everything." Billy wants to know everything he did to cover up Delia's death.

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