Y&R Recap: Once Upon A Winter Evening.

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Adam and Chelsea tie the knot, Jack ties Victor to the drug Summer took, and Billy comes to a realization.

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Adam, Chelsea, and Connor are at the courthouse to get married. Chelsea wonders why Adam doesn't seem happier. He is reassuring her when Billy arrives. Chelsea says they're seeing the judge and getting married. Billy learns they're leaving the country that night and says it's too soon. Adam says tonight is just right. Chelsea tells Billy she'll stop over to say goodbye to Johnny later. Billy looks at Adam and says he hopes he gets all the happiness he deserves. Later, Anita arrives and gushes that she always knew Adam was the right guy for her girl.

Hilary arrives at Jack's with a package of drugs delivered from Mexico. Kyle says the key to connecting Bonaventure and VivaSurge was in his mailbox. Jack pulls the bottle out of the box to see the drug that nearly killed Summer. "Victor will pay for this." Jack mentions Victor breathing down Adam's neck as well. He wants to get the information to the FDA immediately. Later, Kyle tells Hilary the sales of VivaSurge began after Bonaventure came under the Newman umbrella. He admits to being a little disappointed - he looked up to Victor, though he's fully Team Abbott. They discuss her losing her mom. Hilary says having this job and a boss like Jack makes it easier.

Avery reads aloud from the Path book while Dylan nuzzles her neck in Indiana. Dylan declares it garbage and says the guy is a scam artist. Avery thinks it probably sounded good to Nikki as a teenager. They discuss how Ian Ward exploited people. After, they kiss and cuddle. Dylan says it's time to go home - he doesn't need anything from Ian Ward. As they pack they make fun of the book. Dylan admits to Avery that he hasn't been fair to Nikki, although he's not sure he's ready for a relationship. Dylan decides he'll at least let her know the trail on Ian Ward ended there.

At the Club, Nikki and Victoria meet with Cane and Lily about the Delia Foundation fundraiser. Vikki says Billy will be along - he said he had something urgent to deal with. Devon joins them. Apparently Kelly can't make it so they begin. Nikki and Vikki step aside and recall Nikki doing the Veteran's Day fundraiser to get close to Dylan. Nikki hopes he never finds Ian Ward. Back at the table, Devon agrees to underwrite the event. Nikki tells Devon Katherine would love that he's doing this. Hilary arrives and suggests a fairytale theme - Once Upon A Winter Evening. Lily nixes it immediately, but Nikki thinks it will be perfect - Delia would have loved it. Lily says there are too many problems with it, but she's overruled by everyone including Cane. After, Lily complains about him backing Hilary. Nearby, Vikki tells Nikki that Billy's been in the online chat room again. At the bar, Devon and Hilary discuss Lily's hatred of her. Hilary points out that he and Neil have forgiven her. Devon teases, "Who said I forgive you?"

Billy finds Kevin in the station and gives him print-outs of the web posts from 'Anonymous'. Kevin's skeptical. Billy says he thinks the poster is the driver. Kevin frustrates Billy by saying he wants to follow his own lead first. Billy insists if he waits, it will be too late. Billy presses Kevin to do it for Delia. Behind closed doors, Kevin tells Billy about the eyewitness - he thinks he saw a '6' instead of a 'G'. Billy encourages him to hack into the database instead of waiting for the DMV. Kevin says they have to go by the book.

Jack joins Adam and the others at the courthouse. Jack steps out with Adam and asks, "What is the rush?" He tells him they'll bring Victor down together, he doesn't have to run off to France. Adam thanks him, but says he's leaving - it will solve everything. Jack says he's running. He reminds him he can trust him to tell him what Victor has on him. The judge appears. The ceremony begins, Adam and Chelsea exchange heartfelt vows, and are pronounced husband and wife.

Nikki arrives at the ranch, removes her coat, and is startled by a hand on her shoulder. A man says, "Hello, Nikki. Remember me?" She gasps. "Ian!"

In the parking garage, Billy finds Connor's stuffed elephant and notices Adam's SUV nearby. He places the elephant on the hood and turns to go. He stops, and then looks at Adam's license plate. It begins with a '6'...

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki says, "Ian." He beams and nods. "You do remember me."

Adam says, "This is goodbye, Jack." Jack replies, "You're talking like I'm never going to see you again." Victor appears. "Why would that be?"

At home, Billy gets out his gun.

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