Y&R Recap: Daddy's Here.

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Summer awakens in the hospital, Abby's happy day turns unpleasant, and Billy and Kevin decide to work together.

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At the hospital, Nick enters Summer's room. "Summer, Daddy's here." He recalls when she was in a coma as a child and becomes emotional. She begins to awaken. She calls him 'Dad' as he calls for someone. Nick phones Noah. At the chapel, Jack hears Sharon tell God that Summer's father can't lose her all over again. Jack says what he heard seemed pretty clear - she was praying for him not to lose his daughter again. He reassures Sharon and says he's as sure that Summer will be fine as he is that Phyllis will get better and come home to them. They discuss Summer's situation. Jack mentions a blood test.

Victor meets Noah at the Club. Noah notes that Victor's been focused on family lately - he hopes he doesn't want to grill him about his parents. Victor admits he's curious...and concerned. Noah assures him Sharon's doing well. They bicker about Sharon. Victor reminds him she burned down his ranch. Noah says she's much better and blurts that she's not seeing Cassie's ghost anymore. He asks Victor to leave her alone. Noah takes a call from Nick. Noah puts him on speakerphone and Nick explains about Summer being in the hospital - it may have been drugs.

At the penthouse, Chelsea acknowledges that Adam is a bit weirded out by how close Chloe's become to Connor. Adam likes the idea of putting an ocean between them and his father. As they prepare for their move, Chelsea makes a list of things to do before they leave. She needs Adam's help with the last item. He reads, "Get married." He'd rather get married in France, but she just needs him and a Justice of the Peace. He tells her to go shop for a dress. They go upstairs and have sex. After, Chelsea says no one is happier than she is right now - for the first time there are no secrets and she's not afraid. Later, Adam has a nightmare that there are black scarves all over the penthouse.

By the roadside memorial, Billy looks at the calla lily and recalls Chelsea saying that Adam had tracked some down for her.

At the station, Kevin receives the report on the license plates. The officer says he's not going to like it. Billy shows up and asks Kevin if they've made any progress. Kevin says he has a theory. Billy says he does too. Kevin won't tell him what he's working on. He asks about Billy's theory. Billy says he'll do better than tell him - he'll bring it to him.

Tyler and Abby look at a warehouse-type space to live in. Tyler likes it, but Abby's reluctant. They talk about the house deal - some woman called and pretended to be his girlfriend and said they weren't interested. They start kissing. The tattooed woman peeks in. Tyler continues to sell Abby on the space and she starts taking his clothes off. They have sex on the floor and Tyler decides they're home. She agrees. "Let's do this." Tyler gets called to work and Abby tidies up. The tattooed woman slips in and steals Abby's phone and a key from her purse. Abby goes to leave and is locked in. She looks for her phone and can't believe she forgot it.

Nick finds Sharon and Jack in the chapel and tells them Summer woke up and called him 'Dad'. Jack takes off running. At Summer's room, Victor arrives and gets into it with Jack. He blames Jack for drugs being present on the photo shoot. They argue bitterly. Victor says Summer loves Nicholas - a piece of paper won't erase it. "You will never truly be Summer's father." In the chapel, Nick asks Sharon why she called him first. She says he's the person she always calls first. He reminds her she had something to tell him. Nick demands she tell him what's going on with her. Sharon says she will - but not now. They agree to have it as soon as Summer's recovered. Victor arrives as they hug. Victor says she's predictable. Nick tells him, "Not now." Victor wonders where Sharon was when Summer was taking drugs. Nick gets a message - they can see Summer. Jack enters Summer's room as Nick, Sharon, and Victor appear outside. The nurse says only one at a time. Victor offers to throw Jack out. Nick says Jack is right where he should be. Sharon goes. Meanwhile, Jack tells Summer she'll be fine. She apologizes.

Noah finds Courtney at Crimson Lights and asks what the hell she did to Summer. He accuses her of giving Summer the drugs that landed her in the hospital. Courtney can't believe Summer would do drugs. Noah didn't think Courtney would either. Courtney insists she's not using. "I've been lying to you." She says she will tell him the truth someday and just hopes he'll forgive her.

At home, Billy has the printout of the message board exchanges he had with 'anonymous'. He heads out, muttering, "You're not going to be anonymous for long."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Avery if she's ready. She says she is - she knows exactly what she's supposed to do.

Paul stands beside Victor at the hospital and tells Kyle, Nikki and Jack, "The complaint was filed. I'm obliged to follow up. There were drugs at a photo shoot." Jack asks who filed these charges. Victor says, "I did."

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