Y&R Recap: Can't Just Sit Back.

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Summer goes to the hospital, Kelly stops by Billy's house, and Chelsea agrees to Adam's plan.

Y&R Recap: Can't Just Sit Back. image

Kyle arrives at home to find Jack playing Phyllis' song. Jack explains that she's responding to the song. Hilary arrives talking business. Kyle has more pictures of files - he thinks their way in might be one tiny little pill. It looks like Bonaventure might be selling an unapproved drug online - one is for weight loss. Hilary suggests they place an order to get the information they need. She'll order the energy pills under the name Ann Turner. Kyle can't imagine Victor condones this. Jack says it's under his watch.

At The Underground, Noah asks Nick how you get over a broken heart. Nick jokes, but then asks what brought this on. Noah says Courtney dumped him out of nowhere. He thinks it's because he called her out on her secrets. He wonders what could be worth blowing up what they had going on. When Nick hears that Courtney had pills in her bag, he thinks she did him a favor. Noah wants to help her - he can't just sit back on this one. Nick understands that he has to try, but counsels him to protect himself.

Vikki finds Billy reading the grief message board at home. He mentions having seen a saying Adam used on there - karmic justice. They discuss that the posts are anonymous, but Billy thinks the person writing the posts was trying to send him a message. It was like they were having their own conversation. Vikki thinks it was a troll. Billy says no, the person kept discussing the driver's guilt. Kelly arrives with paperwork for the foundation. Victoria steps out to take a call. Billy tells Kelly she should not come to his home - he's not comfortable with it. Kelly starts yelling - did he think she came so they could do it on the floor. She keeps talking about it loudly. She asks if Stitch said something to him. Bill asks what he has to do with it. Kelly assures Billy she's not chasing him. She stalks out. Vikki returns. She thinks Kelly took off because of Johnny. Billy leaves with the papers. Kelly returns to say something to Vikki.

At the penthouse, Adam comes downstairs and hollers, "Don't!" Chelsea freezes with the video recording in her hands. He quickly changes the subject to Paris and demands to know if they're going to do this. Chelsea is reluctant but Adam tries to address all her doubts. He shows her real estate photos. She finally agrees. He proposes leaving tonight. Chelsea asks if he's running from something. He says he's running to the next thing. Chelsea says she needs a few days. Billy arrives with foundation papers for Adam to sign. He learns they're moving to Paris.

Sharon looks down the outside steps at Summer and flashes to seeing Phyllis' body. She rushes down and asks if Summer can hear her. She calls to Esmerelda, "Call 911!" There's barely a pulse. Sharon sputters, "Your dad loves you so much! If anything happened to you..." She calls Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney grills Raven about new pills she's pushing. Noah enters as she pays for the drugs. Noah flips out. "What is really going on with you?" They argue. Courtney says it's none of his business. He wants to see in her purse. She pulls out the key to his place, returns it, and walks out.

At the hospital, Nick asks Sharon what happened. Sharon tells him that Fenmore showed up saying Summer didn't sound right and she went out and found her at the bottom of the stairs. Stitch appears. Nick says he's Summer's father. Stitch says the problem isn't the tumble, it's Summer's heart. He asks if she's using drugs. Nick protests that's not Summer. Stitch says they're running tests. He stops to ask Esmerelda, who blurts, "Energy pills." She shows him. Meanwhile, Nick leaves a message for Jack to call and frets. He says he may not be her father anymore, but that's his kid in there. He prepares himself to back off when Jack gets there. Nick tells Sharon he lost her the day he got the DNA results, but the thought of losing her from the world - he can't handle that. He wonders if what he did led to this. Sharon says there's something he needs to know...

Jack and Hilary arrive at the Club. He tells her there's no meeting - it's just dinner. He spots Esmerelda entering and asks about the shoot. She says, "You don't know?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Chloe about Paris. She tells Chelsea, "You can't take Connor away from me."

Nick says to Sharon, "Can we not do this right now please." Jack appears. "Where is my daughter?"

Vikki says to Kelly, "I thought something might have happened between you and Billy."

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