Y&R Recap: Fresh Start.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Fenmore sticks his neck out for Summer, Jack confronts Adam about Victor, and Gloria reassures Lauren.

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Adam brings Chelsea flowers at home. He says he's been out doing something and shows her a diamond ring that has her gasping. He puts in on her finger. "Now it's official." Chelsea muses, "This time nothing will break us apart." They talk about their old dream of going to Paris. Adam wants to go now - have a fresh start.

At home, Michael tells Lauren he spoke to Ronan to find the coroner who autopsied Carmine. He's learned the man went undercover. Fen wanders in as they're discussing the irregularities. Michael and Lauren are both going out. Fen assures them he'll be fine and holds up his ankle monitor.

Sharon stops at the Abbott house to thank Jack for his business ethics. Jack talks about it being great having his daughter Summer working for the company. He takes a call from Phyllis' daughter. Sharon looks panicky as Jack says, "That is the best news I've had in a long time!" Jack hangs up and tells Sharon that Phyllis responded to her favorite song with a change in brainwave pattern. Jack says he'll tell Summer.

At the station, Paul reminds Kevin to use legitimate means to get information. They discuss the hit-and-run case. Kevin doesn't think they eyewitness lied - he just might have seen something different than he thought. Kevin tells Paul he's already pursuing the theory that he saw a license plate number or letter that resembled a 'G'. Michael arrives and Paul sends Kevin back to work. Michael tells Paul the medical examiner went undercover. Paul doesn't see how it affects Fen who had evidence on his clothes and confessed.

Jack arrives at Adam's place as Chelsea leaves for the shoot. Jack tells Adam that everything's looking up - Phyllis showing signs of progress - but he wonders why Adam didn't throw Victor out of the church. Jack asks, "Victor has something on you, doesn't he?" Jack peppers Adam with questions and goes on about how he's turned his life around. Adam admits his father has something on him. "He knows what I've done." Jack wants to help Adam. Adam asks him to stop grilling him and honor the agreement he signed. Later, Adam watches his confession tape and leaves it on the sofa when Connor cries.

At the photo shoot, Esmerelda is stunned when Summer tells her she took three pick-me-up pills. Summer does some poses and seems unsteady after. She steps out for air. Chloe tells the photographer that she and Chelsea are partners, and mentions 'what's hers is mine'. Later, Chelsea arrives and Chloe chastises her for being late. Chelsea asks if she's still angry about yesterday. Chloe notices the ring and says this whole thing is a set-up - soon Connor will be sleeping over at the ranch. Chelsea is about to mention Paris when Sharon appears looking for Summer. Chloe dons her coat. Chelsea stops her to try and reassure her about Adam. She decides to leave too. In the stairwell, Summer calls Fen and hyperventilates into the phone.

Michael and Paul debate about Fen's case at the station when Paul gets a call. He says, "Fen just made one hell of a mistake."

At Crimson Lights, Gloria tries to get Lauren to focus on the Jabot unveiling. Lauren is distracted by Fen's situation. Gloria pulls out make-up to spruce her up and advises that nothing is so terrible it can't be covered up. Gloria passes on some words of wisdom from a fortune cookie and assures Lauren they're not powerless. Lauren thanks her. Later, Kevin joins Gloria. They discuss Lauren and Michael. Gloria says Kevin's the only beacon of light in this sea of blackness - he works with devilishly handsome Chavez and is back with Chloe. Kevin says Chloe ended things and explains about her behavior. Chloe arrives and Glo leaves them alone. Kevin won't retract his accusation that Chloe has an unhealthy obsession so she walks away. Kevin follows and says he'll do what he can to bring her peace of mind.

Fen arrives at the photo shoot and tells Sharon he thinks Summer's in trouble. Esmerelda says she went out for air. Police appear and take Fen. Sharon calls Summer's phone but she's unconscious. Sharon goes outside and sees Summer at the bottom of the stairs. She flashes to Phyllis' fall and gasps, "Phyllis. Oh God, no."

At home, Jack calls Phyllis and tells her he doesn't know how to help Adam.

Chelsea arrives home and picks up the abandoned video camera from the sofa.

Fenmore is brought into the station where Lauren and Michael are with Paul, who orders him put into lock-up. Fen hollers that he was trying to help Summer.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam asks Chelsea if she's ready to start a life in Paris.

Kelly shows up at Victoria's door and tells her, "There's something that I need to say to you."

Sharon kneels by Summer. "Summer, can you hear me? Call 911!"

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