Y&R Recap: Karmic Debt.

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Billy visits Adam, Jack confronts Victor, and Avery and Dylan's plans go sour.

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At the Club, Jack tells Victor he must be holding something serious over Adam's head. Victor tells Jack to mind his own damn business. Jack says he is - he's Connor's legal guardian. Victor says they'll see about that. Nikki appears. Jack tells her Victor plans to steal Adam's son. Victor counters that Jack targeted his company and now his grandson. Nikki is surprised to hear that Jack is Connor's legal guardian. Jack vows to find out what Victor has on Adam. After, Nikki questions Victor about crashing the celebration at the church. She knows how much Connor means to him - it breaks her heart that he doesn't wish her the same with Dylan. They bicker. Victor thinks Dylan needs to leave town. Nikki is outraged at his attitude. He tells her to take her blinders off where Dylan's concerned. She says they will each do what they have to where their sons are concerned and leaves. Victor calls his lawyer to put Connor in his will, and leave Adam out. "I'll see to it he gets exactly what he deserves.

At the penthouse, Chelsea rants at Adam for not throwing Victor out of the church. Adam tells her to leave it alone. Billy arrives and tells Adam he knows what he did. He tells Chelsea that Adam is the person who set up and funded the foundation in Delia's name. Billy assumes he did it to repay the cornea donation and thanks him from the bottom of his heart. After, Chelsea kisses Adam, but points out he's still keeping secrets. Adam apologizes. They debate about Victor. Chelsea wants him out of their lives. Adam says he's doing everything to protect Connor and their family. Chelsea invites him upstairs. Adam sits alone and flashes to recording his confession before following Chelsea upstairs.

Avery greets Dylan at her door with a New Year's Eve celebration. She asks him if he found what he was looking for on his search. Dylan says he tracked down Ian Ward's ex-wife, who lost track of him after he went on a power trip and left for Indiana. Avery muses, "I guess we're off to Indiana." Dylan doesn't want to drag her into it. Avery's insulted that he won't include her. "Are we even a couple?" She complains that he's pushing her away. Dylan says she's the one constant in his life. Avery wants to help him, but can't force him to include her. They wonder where they go from here. He says he'll get his life in order and become the man she deserves. She says he already is. He says she doesn't deserve a man who would do this to her on New Year's Eve. They say they love each other. He leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler talks to a woman about an apartment. She's sorry to hear he has a girlfriend. Abby appears. Tyler says the woman was a real estate agent. Abby says she's already found a place - she gushes that it has five fireplaces. Tyler tells her it's not going to happen - it has to be someplace he can afford too. They find a house online and head out. The tattooed girl watches them leave. Later, they return and marvel that they made an offer on a house five minutes after they saw it. Abby goes off to tell Traci she's losing a roommate. Tyler calls the realtor and learns someone else's offer was accepted - they didn't get the house.

At the Abbott house, Jack throws down his jacket. Billy assumes it's about Victor and asks what Captain Sunshine did today. Jack says it's not important. Billy tells him he found out Adam Newman set up the Delia foundation. Jack is stunned. They're puzzled about him doing it anonymously. Jack says if he wants to repay a karmic debt, who are they to blame him. Billy asks, "What did you just say?" He says Adam used the same phrase a few days ago, and so did a guy in a chatroom he's been going to. Billy wonders what Adam's done that they don't know about.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Christine tells Paul that Womack had a visitor this morning. Paul asks, "Michael?" Christine says this is such a dangerous game he is playing.

Avery asks Leslie if she's certain she wants to share her life with Neil. Leslie cuts her off. "Where do you and Dylan stand?"

Dylan tells Nikki, "I may have a lead on where he's living now."

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