Y&R Recap: Learning How To Wait.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Billy learns the donor's identity, Victor holds Connor, and Courtney dumps Noah.

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At the church, Chelsea tells Victor their celebration doesn't include him. He says she's wrong about that and coos at Connor. Chelsea asks Adam to show Victor the door. Jack speaks up. Chelsea hollers at Victor and Anita tells her not to be rude. Adam says that today is about Connor. "Let's not do this." Chelsea is stunned. Victor says they need to band together. Chloe says he's not needed - Connor has her and Jack, who is next in line as guardian. Victor glowers. "Is that so." Anita has Chelsea walk her out. Jack whispers to Adam, "What's going on here." Adam takes the baby from Chloe and hands him to Victor. After a moment, Chelsea takes Connor and says the blessing's over. Chloe starts in to her about her concerns. Chelsea says she's not doing this right now. Chloe keeps going. Chelsea says, "Enough, Chloe!" Jack offers to stay but Adam says he'll handle it. Victor tells Adam he was waiting for his answer to his proposal and it looks like he's got one. Victor says he gets access to Connor on his terms, in exchange he won't go to the authorities. Chelsea reappears and Victor congratulates them on their engagement as he leaves. Chelsea questions Adam.

At home, Vikki takes a call from Kelly. Billy asks what she had to say. Vikki says she apologized for running out on dinner. She goes on about Kelly turning to Billy. Vikki feels she was insensitive to bring Johnny downstairs. She asks if Billy is avoiding Kelly since she mentioned him not answering her messages. Billy talks about how complicated it all is with the support group. Vikki goes upstairs. Billy phones Kelly and suggests she not call his house. She says she needs to see him urgently.

Kevin is frustrated with the slow computer at the station. Alex suggests he take a chill pill. He say part of police work is learning how to wait. They discuss Kevin's concern about Chloe. Alex tells him to follow his instincts. The server bings and they learn that there are no black SUVs with a license plate starting with the letter 'G'. Kevin presents a scenario that proves the eyewitness would have had a clear look at the driver. Alex thinks George overheard them talking and tried to bluff his way to getting a better deal. Kevin thinks and then goes back online.

On the patio, Noah apologizes to Courtney for pushing her too much about her life. He admits he's paranoid. He says nothing would make him feel differently about her. Courtney says, "I can't see you anymore." She says the relationship isn't working for her - it's moving too fast. Noah is stunned. He feels this is insane. He asks if Summer said something to her. Courtney says it's not about Summer - it's just too much. He isn't buying it and asks if this is about Zack. Courtney says it's over and walks out.

Vikki is running through the park and Stitch spots her. She talks about doing dinner over again. She says she'll invite Kelly. He doesn't think that's a good idea - he's still married technically. Vikki says it just seems like they both need a friend. Stitch says he's not in a position to get involved and refers to broken trust. They get pretzels and hot dogs and have a conversation about wieners.

Billy arrives at the non-profit office. He talks about getting back to being friends. She tells him his mother stopped by previously and suggested he head up the board of the Delia fund. Billy isn't surprised. He says Jill's another well-intentioned person trying to help him move on. They discuss the identity of the donor again. Kelly says anonymity keeps the focus on the foundation. Kelly makes her pitch for him to head up the board. "I know for a fact that you're very passionate." Awkwardness ensues. She says they need to talk. She wonders if they'll ever be friends again. Billy says they'll figure it out since they'll be working together. She's happy he'll be the director. Once alone, Billy reads the documents and learns Adam was the donor. Kelly returns and Billy says he knows it was Adam Newman who set up the foundation.

Courtney arrives tearfully at the station and tells Alex she broke up with Noah. "I did it for you, Zack."

At the Club, Victor offers Jack a drink. Jack warns he won't let Victor hurt Adam again.

At home, Chelsea reads Adam the riot act for letting Victor hold their son. She asks why he didn't stop him. Adam says he couldn't.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki finds Jack and Victor together at the Club and asks what's going on. Jack says her husband's at it again - this time he has his heart set on stealing Adam's son.

Dylan looks around Avery's apartment. "What is this?" She says, "Happy New Year's Eve, Dylan."

Adam opens his door to Billy, who says, "I know what you did."

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