Y&R Recap: Short-Circuit.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Victor and Adam face-off, Billy tries to make things right with Victoria, and Anita grills Chelsea about marriage.

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At the Club, Victor complains to Adam that he ignored his phone call. Avery arrives and Victor wonders if Adam's in trouble. Adam says he's meeting his attorney to make sure Victor has no legal rights to his son. Victor muses that everything he does seems to revolve around his father. Adam says this might be making his brain short-circuit but he'll have to get used to it. Victor won't give up the right to protect his grandson, and tells Adam he will regret turning his back on him. Adam says his only regret is not cutting him loose sooner. Once alone, Adam tells Avery he wants to ensure Victor can never influence Connor. He wants Jack put down as legal guardian. Avery says it will stand up in court but Chelsea has to be on board. Adam admits she doesn't know yet. He also tells Avery he'll take back the video she's holding for him now. Nearby, Victor's man gives him a file with information on the drivers from the list. He learns one woman bought a new SUV the day after the incident and the rest have alibis except Adam. The investigator says if Adam went straight home from the hospital the accident site was out of his way, but if he went another route, he would have been there at the moment of impact. The man shows Victor that Adam ordered a replacement turn light on his credit card. Victor says, "Adam killed Delia. Whoa."

Billy surprises Victoria with flowers at home. He's trying to be less of a jerk. She smiles. He talks about how she pulled him out of the gutter once. He says New Year's Eve is their time and it wasn't alright for him to shut her out. He vows they'll heal together. "I love you so much." They kiss. Vikki takes a call from Nikki and tells Billy she'll meet him upstairs. After, Vikki finds Billy in the shower. She joins him and they start kissing.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Tyler tell Ashley about their trip to Los Angeles. Abby says the only glitch came when she temporarily reverted to a drama queen. Ashley asks Tyler what his intentions are toward Abby. Tyler fills her in on his background and how he came to town to be close to Leslie. He says he now knows Abby was the reason he was meant to be there. Stitch arrives and Abby greets him. He chats briefly and heads to the patio. Kelly's there. She asks if he and his wife are over. He won't discuss his wife with her. Later, Victoria arrives and chats with Stitch. Inside, she spots Kelly and asks about her New Year's. Kelly flashes to being with Billy and says, "Uneventful." Vikki thanks her for helping Billy. On the patio, Avery chats with Stitch until Dylan calls from Iowa. He misses her and says he's meeting one last person tomorrow.

Chelsea lets Anita, who has returned from Florida, into the penthouse. Anita says Chelsea hasn't looked this happy since she moved in with Dylan. She spots the wedding rings. Chelsea says Adam never got rid of them and cautions that he may not want to marry her again. Anita asks if she's ready to put that ring back on. Chelsea complains about her coveting Adam's money. Anita insists she could see how much Adam loved her all along - Chelsea deserves that. Chelsea tells Anita she's glad she's back. Later, Adam arrives and Chelsea confronts him about his marriage talk. She says if he was serious, she'd say yes. He says he was serious. They kiss.

At the station, Kevin eyeballs the new eyewitness as Alex explains he's not exactly an upstanding citizen. Kevin hopes this is it. Alex goes to interview the eyewitness and Kevin eavesdrops. He says he saw it all happen and saw the driver who killed the kid. Alex lets him go and tells Kevin he won't say more until they cut a deal.

Ashley stops to see Billy at home. Billy admits it's a little less brutal every day. He opens up and says he's holding on to family. They hug. Vikki returns and Ashley says she's proud of them before leaving. Vikki tells Billy she ran into Kelly and invited her to dinner.

In the park, Abby tells Tyler he did a good job handling her mom. Tyler says he was sincere. He wonders if she's going to pick a fight now or if they can discuss the future. Tyler wants to get their own place. She agrees. As they leave, the woman with the sun tattoo watches them.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Lily says to Cane, "If the news is bad..." He interrupts, "We'll deal with it." She needs him to do something for her right then.

Kelly arrives for dinner at Billy and Vikki's and Vikki says they invited a fourth. She introduces her to Stitch.

Chelsea tells Adam, "If there is anything that could ever cost us our marriage let's just get it out on the table right now."

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