Y&R Recap: Forget Me Not.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

The Baldwins receive a mystery package, Adam asks Jack for a favor, and Summer seeks out Noah and Nick.

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Chloe fawns over Connor on the Crimson Lights patio. Chelsea tells Chloe that Adam asked her to marry him. Kevin enters. Chloe blurts, "Chelsea's marrying Adam." Chelsea explains that it was something she and Adam discussed. Chloe assures her they'll stay friends regardless. Chelsea steps away. Kevin says the only thing about Adam that has changed is his winter wardrobe. Chloe says Chelsea will have to figure it out for herself. She talks about being Connor's godmother and Kevin acts concerned when she goes on about being attached to Connor for life. Chelsea returns and talks to Chloe about her second chance with Adam. Inside, Summer complains to Noah that Fen won't take her calls. He's stunned to hear he's in trouble with the law again - this time for murder. Noah reassures Summer she did the right thing - he's lucky to have a friend like her.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam deletes a call from Victor and tells Jack he needs a favor. Adam wants Jack to promise to protect his family in the event that he is gone. Jack asks if he's in some kind of trouble or danger. Adam says he's not, but Chelsea asked Chloe to be Connor's godmother. He thinks she was behind the paternity lie and doesn't want her raising his son. He's concerned about Victor taking Connor away. Jack asks how he fits in. Adam wants him to be Connor's godfather. He'll have papers drawn up making Jack his legal guardian with the same rights he would have as his father. Jack accepts. Adam says he and Chelsea talked about remarriage. Jack urges Adam to move forward and be happy. Adam is honored that Jack accepted his offer. As he goes, Adam asks Jack to make sure Connor knows he loves him. Jack looks perplexed.

In the park, Courtney flashes to Noah asking her about Zack. She turns her attention to Alex and complains about him texting her 24/7. She asks if he has something for her or not. Alex warns her she's walking in dangerous territory by getting close to Noah and tells her not to screw this up. Noah appears. Alex says he was warning her about being alone in the park. After, Noah wants Courtney to tell him what that was really about.

Sharon joins Nick at The Underground and helps him pack up leftovers. They chat, but both are thinking about their kiss. Suddenly, Nick asks Sharon, "Hey, can you hand me that kiss?" Sharon admits she's thought about it too. They talk about the holidays making people nostalgic. They are about to kiss when Summer appears. Sharon makes a hasty exit. Summer remarks on their enthusiasm about leftovers. "Is that really all you were doing?" Nick insists it was innocent. Summer thanks him for teaching her the difference between right and wrong - it's how she knows she did the right thing the other day. Nick is glad. They say they love each other. She asks about his New Year's Eve. He thinks of the kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney assures Noah that Chavez wasn't hitting on her and they talk about New Year's resolutions. Noah wants to spend more time with her and hopes she'll open up to him more. Courtney steps away. Sharon arrives as Noah is looking at Courtney's ringing cellphone. He asks about Sharon's New Year's Eve. She flashes to the kiss and smiles. On the patio, Chloe is sitting with Connor when a woman comments that her baby is adorable. She grins. "Oh thank you!"

At the station, Kevin tells Alex he's worried about Chloe. Alex says they may have a new eyewitness in Delia's case. He doesn't want them to get their hopes up, but it's encouraging.

Fen tells Lauren to get some sleep at home. She drifts off and dreams Carmine is in bed beside her. She sits up and walks out as Michael takes delivery of a mystery package. Michael opens it to reveal a cake on which is written, 'Forget Me Not'. Lauren says Carmine sent it. Michael questions her and she mentions the dream. Fen reappears. He sees the cake and grimaces. "It's not for you, it's for me." He thinks it's a message from Womack, reminding him he owes him. Michael checks that Womack is still in prison. He asks Fen what Womack wants from him. Fen says it can't be good. Fen steps away when Summer calls. Michael tells Lauren something doesn't feel right about it being Womack, but he'll get to the bottom of it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch asks Ashley if she's come back to Genoa City permanently.

Billy has roses for Victoria and explains he's trying to be less of a jerk.

Adam tells Victor he's just meeting with his attorney to make sure he has no legal rights to his son.

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