Y&R Recap: Fiery Angel.

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Nick sees Sharon with Adam, Jill deals with the music box mystery, and Billy questions Adam.

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At the Club, Adam passes by Sharon's table. She invites him to join her. He says he had a real family Christmas with Chelsea and Connor and marvels that you can put awful things behind you. Sharon is very happy for him. Nick watches moodily from across the room. He approaches and tells Adam that Sharon doesn't need him drawing her back in. Adam says Sharon doesn't need Nick to talk for her. Sharon tells Nick that Adam was just talking about starting over with Chelsea. Adam suggests that Nick go elsewhere - doesn't he have another new brother to hate? Nick mutters that he's showing his true colors.

Esther and Jill bicker in the Chancellor living room. Katherine's name comes up. Jill muses that she really missed her yesterday. As they're disagreeing about when to take the decorations down, Chloe enters. She tells them not to stop talking on her account - she knows how depressing yesterday was. Jill and Esther debate about the music box. Esther insists Katherine did nothing without an intention, and really loved Jill. Jill walks out. Chloe tells Esther that being with Chelsea and Connor helped her get through Christmas.

At Chancellor Park, Noah talks to Courtney about the pressure of his pitch for Victor. She thinks it's hot that he's so enthusiastic. They talk about how they spent time with his family yesterday and Noah tells Courtney he has fun with her. He brings up her mystery family. Courtney says she has parents and an older sister - they were close when she was young. Noah mentions his own issues and then asks about her sister. Courtney gets a text. Noah asks, "Zack?" He explains Summer told him. Courtney assures Noah he's the only guy for her.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria tells Kevin about her trip to Bora Bora. Alex joins them as talk turns to Michael and Fen. Gloria tries to push Alex to use Kevin's talents to find Delia's killer. Kevin shouts at her. Alex smirks as Gloria goes on about Kevin's sensitive skin. Gloria grills Alex about the cases. Alex replies in Spanish. She assumes he insulted her, but he tells her he said she was passionate and has the mouth of a fiery angel. Gloria swoons and mutters about turning down the heat. Kevin asks Alex what he really said. Alex laughs and exits. Chloe arrives and Gloria says her Christmas must have been horrible. Kevin and Chloe talk about Delia. Gloria claps - she thinks they're back together. They say they're just friends. Gloria notices a onesie in Chloe's purse. Kevin asks why she has Connor's clothing. Chloe says it got there accidentally but realizes Kevin doesn't believe her. She stalks off with him following.

At home, Billy reads the forum message about 'balancing the karmic scales'. He angrily types a reply. Jill arrives and asks about the puzzle she got Johnny. Billy wryly says he realizes it was to keep him busy. He mentions Jack's visit. Jill says they're trying to help. They talk about Katherine and the music box. She thinks Katherine was telling her to stop hoping for a windfall and earn it herself. "I'm going to be a player again." She reassures Billy that he'll survive his grief.

Billy runs into Adam in the Club foyer. He asks him to thank Chelsea for the Christmas present she sent Johnny. Adam tells Billy they're back together and that Connor is doing well. He says the universe is allowing him to balance the karmic scales. Billy recognizes the phrase from the forum. Adam says it's a common expression. Billy says, "Not that common." Adam wonders why it's a big deal. They part awkwardly and Billy looks grim.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill tells Esther that Billy seemed a little better. She spots a gift and opens it to find the music box. Jill curses - she just threw it out! Esther insists she had nothing to do with it. Later, Jill talks to Katherine. She tells her Christmas wasn't the same without her and asks for help understanding what the music box means. Jill makes it her New Year's resolution to find out.

Nick apologizes to Sharon at her place, for his overzealous behavior. Sharon says Adam's reconciliation with Chelsea gives her hope. They are about to kiss when Noah enters. They caution him about giving advice. He tells them things are getting serious with Courtney.

Courtney looks up at a man in the park. "Hi Zack." It's Alex.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon tells Jill there's been a mistake. She says, "Starting with the day Katherine left all her money to you."

Adam tells Jack he has to bow out. Jack says, "I thought you wanted payback?" Adam says there's something he wants even more.

Vikki tells Billy it's good to have things back to normal and kisses him. He looks uncomfortable.

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