Y&R Recap: Christmas Cookies.

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Jack and Billy spend time together, Neil proposes to Leslie, and Chelsea makes a suggestion to Adam.

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At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea coo over Connor at Christmas. Chloe arrives with gifts. She and Chelsea huddle over Connor while Adam looks on. When Chelsea's upstairs, Chloe tells Adam she needed to do this. Adam says he has parents, he's fine. Chloe didn't see Adam complaining when she gave Connor the gift of sight. Chelsea returns to find Chloe preparing to leave. She talks about it being difficult at the Chancellor mansion without Delia and Katherine, but being there was nice. After, Chelsea tells Adam she wants to make Chloe Connor's godmother. Adam resists, but she talks him into it. Later, Adam sees Delia by the tree.

Nikki and Victor are missing the kids at the ranch. They speculate on whether Nicholas is with Sharon. The doorbell rings - it's Victoria with Johnny. Vikki says they had a good morning with Billy and are now giving him space. She talks about a trip to D.C. to visit Reed. Nikki steps out and Victor gives Vikki shares in the company for Johnny. She takes the opportunity to point out he is capable of loving offspring that aren't biologically related to him. Victor says Dylan McAvoy will never be a member of the family. Nikki returns. Later, Nikki gives Victor boots and wants to go riding. Victor gives her a Tahiti brochure. She says it's far away...from Dylan. She muses that Victor can't stand the idea of her getting to know her son. She admits she heard what he said to Victoria, and tells him he can't change that Dylan's her son. Victor gives her another gift - sheet music. She exclaims, "It's a first edition!" Nikki plays the piano and Victor sheds a tear.

At home, Billy imagines Delia standing beside the Christmas tree. Jack's arrival interrupts. Billy tells him no one is there. Jack says, "You and I are here, little brother." Jack has an axe and a fishing pole and announces they're going ice-fishing. Billy screams with laughter at Jack using an axe to chop a hole in the ice. Jack laughs as Billy says he won't go. Jack admits he needs a distraction today too. They chat about Phyllis, and then about Christmas being tough on Jill this year. Billy tells Jack he saw Delia by the tree. His Christmas wish is to get her justice. Jack talks about how he got help and assures Billy he's not alone. Billy says this is his reality now, but Jack points out things are already changing - he got that tree for his family. Later, Vikki returns and calls for Billy. He enters with a box of Christmas cookies. They cuddle.

Neil is with Leslie at the station while she works. He tries valiantly to get Leslie to leave, but she stalls. Neil wonders why it seems she's trying to avoid being with him today. Nearby, Alex encourages Kevin to go be with his family. Kevin wants to know about the case against Fen, but Alex changes the subject to Chloe - he doesn't want to end the year without solving the case. Later, Jack arrives to drop off a check to the officer's fund. He encounters Neil who grumbles that he hasn't been able to propose yet. Meanwhile, Chloe comes to see Kevin and talks about how sad she feels. Jack and Neil greet her. Jack mentions Delia, and Chloe thanks him. Kevin tells Chloe he dreamed Delia was with Katherine. Neil finds Leslie and gets down on one knee. He whips out the ring and proposes. She begs him to get up off the floor. Neil refuses and makes a heartfelt speech. She accepts. They kiss. Jack and the others appear and applaud.

Avery finds Dylan at Crimson Lights with a plumbing emergency. He has to wait for the plumber. Avery exits, and says nothing is going to spoil their day. Avery returns with the Christmas dinner she fixed. A man who is alone comes to the door. They invite him in. Soon, there's another knock. Before long they've got a full house, including Santa. Avery and Dylan agree this isn't what they envisioned, but say it's perfect. They kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam says to Nick, "Don't you have a new brother to hate?" Nick replies, "It's comments like that that just show your true colors; you can't run from it forever."

Gloria claps and says to Kevin and Chloe, "I knew it! You two are back together."

Billy says to Adam, "Balancing the karmic scales..." Adam shrugs. "It's a common expression." Billy replies, "Not that common."

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