Y&R Recap: Home Alone.

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Summer tells Fen how lucky he is, John gives Jack advice, and Faith's wish comes true.

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Nick arrives at Sharon's with a dollhouse for Faith to go under the tree. Sharon insists he put it together. They talk about Cassie and her drawing as Nick starts to work. Suddenly Faith enters. "My dollhouse!" Sharon gasps. They launch into an explanation about the dollhouse being too big for the sleigh and helping Santa out. Faith is suspicious. Finally, she tells her parents they're the best helper elves ever. Faith decides they should get to see a present too. Nick opens a 'Best Dad' t-shirt and Sharon opens her foot spa. Faith grins as they wish each other a Merry Christmas. She tells them she wished that they could be together for Christmas and Santa heard her.

At Jack's place, he tells Hilary he emailed her the sales projections, but not to tackle it tonight - she should be with friends. She asks about his plans. Jack says Kyle's away snowboarding and he doesn't want to push Summer. They wish each other a Merry Christmas. Once alone, Jack looks at photos of Phyllis. John appears. He tells Jack he needs to be with someone who can take care of him - Phyllis wouldn't want to see him home alone talking to a ghost. Jack tells him he's right, but first he has to do something. He calls Phyllis to chat to her. "Merry Christmas, Red. I love you."

The Winters are assembled in the Athletic Club dining room. Cane takes the kids outside and Neil talks about splitting the holiday with Sofia. Next, they discuss Devon's issues in Las Vegas. Leslie says she's pushing to get the video surveillance tapes to prove his innocence. Cane returns with the kids, who apologize for being loud. Hilary arrives and takes in the family scene. When the others head out to the park, Devon stays behind so as not to attract a media circus. Lily wishes Hilary a Merry Christmas on the way out. Hilary asks Devon if his sister bumped her head. She buys Devon a drink. He says his grandmother would have told him how to handle the media. They talk about Katherine and losing one's identity. Hilary says she knows who is causing his troubles - and she thinks he does too.

In the suite in Los Angeles, the woman who entered the room after Abby left picks up Tyler's cellphone and punches in a number. Preparing to shower, Tyler calls out, "Abby? Did you forget something?" He walks out but the person hides. While he's in the shower, she rumples up the bed. When she leaves, Abby spots her from down the hall. She goes in and asks Tyler about the woman. He says he thought he heard someone. Abby notices the bed and picks up his phone. "I know exactly who it was." Tyler gets dressed and Abby launches into a rant about him messing around with his ex. Tyler reminds her she was gone for all of three minutes. Abby tells him he and Mariah can have fun playing their reindeer games. He says they're going down to the front desk to straighten this out. Later, Tyler helps Abby apologize to him after they learn there was a room key mix-up. They wear Santa hats and kiss before going to the beach to watch the sun set.

At the station, Fenmore is upset to have been tricked into turning himself in. Michael insists his 'client' is doing the right thing. He pulls Christine aside to push for a quick arraignment. Chris argues he's a flight risk. Michael says the judge must believe he turned himself in. Later, Fen has been arraigned. Lauren tells Summer he's being released into their custody. Summer doesn't think he'll ever forgive her. Chris goes to tell Fen that if he runs again, his parents could be charged for aiding and abetting. She and Paul show Lauren and Michael the evidence from Fen's clothes. Meanwhile, Fen tells Summer his friends aren't rats. Summer says running isn't the answer. She yells at him that he has no idea how lucky he is - she'd give anything to be with both her parents on Christmas!

At home, Lauren gives Michael and Fen hot drinks and tries to get them to decorate. Fen can't get into it. He admits he's scared.

Paul kicks off the First Annual Holiday Candle-lighting Ceremony in Chancellor Park. He makes a speech about how Katherine embodied the spirit of the holidays. Jack, Christine, Neil, Leslie, Cane, and Lily, along with others gathered there, sing and light candles. Summer appears and smiles at Jack. Nick arrives with Sharon and Faith and hugs Summer.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria arrives at the door of the ranch with Johnny and wishes Nikki a Merry Christmas.

Avery tells Dylan that nothing is going to spoil their day. "I promise you that."

Neil proposes to Leslie.

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