Y&R Recap: Christmas Miracle.

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Avery makes requests of Nick and Dylan, Dylan visits with Nikki, and Michael and Lauren turn to Summer for help.

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Nick is surprised to see Avery appear at The Underground. She is returning his guitar. Nick feels awkward - like he should be returning something. They chit chat until she asks how he's really doing. He says he's fine and they talk about how hard Christmas will be for Billy and Victoria. He asks about Phyllis, and what Avery will do for the holidays. She says, "We haven't made any plans." Avery says she and Dylan are taking things day-by-day. Nick mentions spending the holiday with family. Avery wants a Christmas miracle - for Nick to make peace with Dylan. Later, Nick grins as he cranks out on the guitar.

Nikki and Victor put presents under the ranch Christmas tree. They hug, but soon they're arguing about the will. Nikki informs Victor he officially made Dylan a member of her family. Dylan arrives. Victor growls at him about convincing Nikki to tear up the papers he drew up. Nikki says he knows nothing about that. Victor isn't inclined to let them talk alone, but Nikki insists. Dylan hands her the will. "I don't want your money." They talk about Delia and Connor. Nikki goes to get a copy of her medical history for him. He notices a gift under the tree. Nikki returns and he asks how she's doing with her MS. They chat amicably for a while before he asks about Ian Ward. Dylan says he found out what a lowlife he was, and then decides to go. "Merry Christmas." Nikki smiles. "Merry Christmas, Dylan."

In Los Angeles, Tyler assures Abby he's never been to the cafe they're at before. They talk about what to do next and joke about the past. Later, they frolic on the beach. Back in their suite, Abby wants something Christmas-y for the room. Tyler suggests she sing carols while he washes her back. She tells him to shower while she goes shopping for holiday goodies. Someone watches her leave and lets herself into the suite. She has a sun tattoo on her wrist.

At the station, Paul grills Summer about Fen's whereabouts. He asks what Fen told her about the murder. Summer wants to go home. Paul plays the heavy, threatening to lock her up as an accessory. She mentions calling Aunt Avery and he tells her she can go, but to let him know if she hears from Fen. Later, Victor shows up to grill Paul about Dylan - he wants the facts. Paul says Nikki has all the information. Victor presses, telling Paul he owes him. They bicker about why Nikki went to Paul first. Victor accuses Paul of not protecting her in the commune. Paul didn't know what was going on. Paul says he helped Nikki find Dylan because she was making herself sick over it. Victor orders him to stay out of it from now on.

Michael arrives at home and tells Lauren that Fen needs to turn himself in soon - the longer the police look for him the more dangerous it gets. He has a plan. Michael calls Summer to come over. When Summer arrives, she quickly becomes rattled by their intensity over Fen. She insists she doesn't know where he went, and tells them Paul threatened to arrest her for helping Fen. Michael says the best way to avoid that is for Fen to come home of his own volition. Summer doesn't know where he is, but knows he's guilty - he told her he pulled the trigger. Michael says there's another way she can help. They implore her to get Fen to turn himself in. Summer calls Fen.

Avery finds Dylan at Crimson Lights and mentions her visit with Nick. He says he went to see Nikki. He refers to her as 'his mother'. Avery notices. They decide to spend Christmas together. She knows what she wants for a gift - for him to close Crimson Lights to spend the holiday together. They kiss.

Fen rushes into the station asking Summer what's going on. Lauren and Michael appear. Michael says his client is turning himself in. Paul arrests Fen.

Victor returns to the ranch where Nikki tells him things went well with Dylan. She tells Victor not to pretend he cares. He says he loves her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler calls out, "Abby, did you forget something?" The woman in the suite pauses.

Michael tells Christine that Fen came to the police station to turn himself in and was acting responsibly. She asks, "You expect me to believe that?"

Faith tells Sharon that she wished for her and Daddy to be together for Christmas and Santa heard her.

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