Y&R Recap: Buy A Billionaire A Beverage.

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Devon gets a shock at The Underground, Nick and Jack discuss Summer's birthday, and Alex arrests the wrong driver.

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Billy comes home and opens mail. He tells Victoria someone set up a charity in Delia's honor. They marvel over the size of the endowment. Vikki wonders who would do this for Delia and not want anyone to know.

At the non-profit office Adam works with Kelly to get the foundation up and running. She says Delia's parents have been notified. He wants reassurance his name wasn't mentioned and asks how Billy's doing. She thought they were friends. Adam says they're not close and he doesn't know how he'd react to this. Kelly says Billy has the support he needs.

Lily and Cane arrive at The Underground and Lily's dismayed to see Hilary. Cane spots Devon and thinks he'll deal with her. Hilary dumps her drink on a loser who is hitting on her. Devon grins and joins her. Lily and Cane gape. Hilary tells Devon it's buy a billionaire a beverage night, but then gets called away. Devon takes a raincheck. He joins Lily and Cane and explains he's not wasting anymore negative energy on Hilary. He asks if they have a new gig yet. Lily says they're new gig is coming up with ideas. Two police officers enter and tell Devon there's a warrant for his arrest in Las Vegas. They pull him to his feet.

At the Abbott house, Nick and Jack discuss plans for Summer's birthday. Nick wonders how to make it about her and not them. Nick acknowledges that Jack's missed a lot of birthdays, but wants to be included. Jack tells Nick to have a party and he'll add some names to the guest list. Nick nods - he'll make sure everyone knows it's their gift to Summer. Jack leaves the room to take a call. Billy arrives. Nick says he talked to Kelly and warns Billy that mourning can make people do things they wouldn't otherwise. Later, Billy asks Jack if he set up the foundation. Jack says it's not, maybe Jill did it. Billy says he called her. They agree it wouldn't be Victor and puzzle about it. Hilary arrives. Jack tells Billy anyone could have been inspired by Delia's story. Billy says he owes the person. After, Hilary and Jack go over a file. Jack tells her about Summer's birthday. Hilary says her father was arrested when she was young. She used to dream her father would give her a gift for every year he missed. Jack thinks that's a brilliant idea for Summer.

Chloe arrives at the penthouse with a onesie for Connor. Chelsea apologizes for over-reacting before. Chloe understands. They talk about Connor being able to see the sights of Christmas. Chelsea makes a remark that lets Chloe know she and Adam had sex. Chloe chides her. Chelsea says it's been building for a long time and they can give Connor a great life. Chloe says she's insane. Adam arrives. Chloe warns him not to hurt Chelsea or the baby. Adam gives his word. Chelsea goes upstairs. Adam asks Chloe about her ride with Connor. Later, flowers arrive for Chelsea with a card. "You are the second chance I never dreamed I'd have." They talk about being a family and cuddle. The darkness is in the past.

Nick stops at Victoria's place to invite her to Summer's party. Victoria opens up about the difficulties between her and Billy. Nick tells her about seeing him with Kelly at the bar. Vikki admits she's jealous that he talks to Kelly and she understands. She says she opened up to Stitch.

At the station, Alex tells Kevin they've got a lead on the guy who killed Delia. Kevin hollers for Alex to bring him in. Later, Chloe arrives and says she wants to see the bastard who hit her daughter. Alex says the cops are picking him up. Kevin tells her it's a rich surgeon who had his SUV repaired. Alex gives her a black scarf from the back seat. Chloe realizes it's not Delia's. Alex stammers that they'll check it out. It turns out the surgeon had an alibi. He apologizes. Meanwhile, Chloe reads the notification about the foundation for Delia. She's moved.

Billy goes to Kelly's office and asks if she funded the foundation. She says it wasn't her. He realizes she arranged it and knows who's behind it. Billy tries to convince her to talk. She slips that it's a 'him'. Kelly says she'd lose her job. Billy just wants to know why Delia was special to this person.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer tells Courtney and Noah she's so not in the mood to have a roomful of people making her the center of attention.

Nikki tells Sharon, "I'm surprised to see you at a party for Summer."

Victor tells Jack his son is a very hard-working committed fellow. Jack says he wishes he were still at Jabot. Victor muses, "I'm sure you do."

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