Y&R Recap: Bright Shiny Future.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Neil asks Avery for help, Paul confronts Michael and Fen separately, and Jill works on the music box mystery.

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At home, Jack asks Kyle about Newman/Chancellor. He's concerned that Victor is playing with Kyle's head. Kyle wishes he had something for him. Jack says he found something - he wants to know every detail about Bonaventure. Kyle offers to photograph the financials. Jack tells him just to read it. He explains they do cancer research but have been cutting corners. Kyle doesn't like it. Jack wonders if he's squeamish about hurting Victor. Kyle insists he's not. Jack talks about Summer's upcoming birthday. Kyle says he spends lunch hours with a cute associate and promises Jack nothing will go wrong.

At her apartment, Avery arranges to meet Leslie by text message. Neil shows up - he needs her help to set-up a Christmas surprise for Leslie. Avery agrees to work things out so that Leslie's plate is cleared. She tries to guess the surprise and realizes he's going to propose. Neil says his last two marriages, to Sofia and Karen, were for the wrong reasons. Avery can relate. She's sure Neil and Leslie have a bright, shiny future.

Christine joins Paul in his office where he spent the night working on the Basco case. He says he found the one piece of hard evidence that could lead them to the real killer and place them at the scene of the crime.

At The Underground, Noah tells Courtney his grandpa put him on a special assignment at work. She is pleased, and muses that Santa wants to know what he wants for Christmas. He says he already has it right here and kisses her. Noah mentions Summer's crack about how he doesn't know her. He thinks she's weirded out they're together. Courtney mentions Summer's birthday but Zach texts to get together. Courtney ignores it. Noah tells Courtney he'll learn everything about her. Kyle arrives and Courtney debates with an insistent Zach by text while they talk. Noah tells him Victor put him in charge of Bonaventure.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Fen and Summer discuss his situation. She asks if he's still thinking of running away. They debate about his guilt. Fen says he doesn't remember everything about that night. An officer appears to take Fen to see Paul.

Lauren tears up at the Club and tells Michael she's terrified for Fenmore. Michael tries to reassure her. Leslie appears. Lauren accuses her of being the reason for their troubles since she got Carmine released. Michael says they can't blame her. Leslie apologizes and says Carmine can't hurt them anymore. Lauren leaves to meet Jill. Michael gets a call from Paul asking him to come pick up his stuff.

At the station, Paul hangs up from Michael and tells Chris, "Now maybe we'll get to the truth." Michael arrives and thanks Christine for her help. Paul returns his belongings with the sobriety chip showing out. Paul asks about it. Michael admits it's Fen's, but lies that he gave it to him in their hotel suite. Paul keeps it. Michael leaves Fen a message to call him as he leaves. Fen arrives and Paul asks about his confession. Fen recants his statement. Paul shows him the sobriety chip. He lies that he gave it to Michael at the rehab center. Later, Paul tells Christine they both lied and that the chip had residue from the crime scene on it. He knows how they can find out who pulled the trigger.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill rants to Esther about the music box being sent back. Jill muses that the person paid $10.25, which is Katherine's birthday. Esther thinks the buyer's name is an anagram. She realizes the letters spell Katherine. Jill gasps. Lauren arrives. Jill asks Esther for privacy. They discuss their sons and embrace. Later, Michael arrives and they all discuss the music box mystery. Michael and Lauren go, discussing the sobriety chip. Jill finds the buyer's phone number and calls - Esther's cellphone rings.

Leslie arrives at Crimson Lights where Summer asks her a hypothetical question about fleeing from the law. Leslie whispers, "Tell Fen not to run." Later, Fen rejoins Summer.

Leslie finds Neil at Avery's place. He explains he returned Avery's water bottle from the gym, and then goes. Leslie asks, "Why was he really here?" Leslie guesses it's about his surprise and tells Avery about her run-in with Lauren.

At the Abbott house, Jack is enthusiastic about Neil's planned proposal. Neil wants to discuss Devon's firing. Jack explains his thinking. Neil hopes he can find what makes him happy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria asks Billy, "Who would do this for Delia and not want anyone to know about it?"

Alex tells Kevin, "We got him We've got a lead on the guy who killed Delia."

Jack tells Nick they're having something small for Summer at the house. Nick says, "Small. So I didn't make the cut?"

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