Y&R Recap: It's Complicated.

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Adam and Chelsea make love, Stitch helps Victoria, and Noah questions Sharon about Nick.

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Vikki talks to Johnny at Crimson Lights. She notices a rash on his neck as Stitch enters. He offers to take a look. Stitch does a magic trick for Johnny while he examines him. He says Johnny is allergic to his sweater. Vikki thanks him and says she's been over-protective since her step-daughter was killed. Names are exchanged, and he says he's met Billy. She talks to Stitch about their difficulties. Stitch plays with Johnny, noting that the rash is gone. She asks about his family. He says it's complicated, and leaves.

In the bedroom, Adam pulls away from a half-dressed Chelsea. She asks what he's thinking. He says he's thinking about the future. They make love. After, she wonders if he still feels guilty about Delia's death...because of the transplant. Adam says he can't change anything, but he can focus on a better future. Later, downstairs, Adam tells Chelsea that she and Connor are his priorities now - he spent too much time trying to win Victor's approval. While Chelsea's in the kitchen, Adam types on the message board that loss, pain and guilt can define you, but it doesn't have to... Chelsea returns and he says he loves her. "I love you too."

Dylan shows up at Avery's door saying he read the file she left him on his biological father. He enters ranting about the trail of destruction left behind by his father...including what he did to Nikki. Avery wonders if that means he sees her differently. He admits he understands her actions better, but feels sick to have Ward's blood running in his veins. Avery reminds him of the good he's done. If he hadn't been born it would have been a great loss to her. She asks about their date, but Dylan's too concerned with the unfinished story of Ian Ward. "Is he dead?" They get online but can't find anything.

At home, Sharon wonders if Cassie is right that she won't get well unless she stops keeping secrets. She decides she must tell Nick that she's responsible for Phyllis' coma and that Summer's his daughter. Nick arrives with Faith. Sharon talks about how Cassie would view some of the things she's done. Nick reassures her and invites her to confide in him. She's about to spill when Noah arrives with a Christmas tree. Nick is gung-ho to decorate as a family. They reminisce about past holidays. Noah looks uncomfortable as Nick and Sharon have a tinsel fight. Later, Nick leaves for The Underground. Noah asks Sharon about her job and says Summer will always be his sister. Sharon drops an ornament. Noah says he thinks Nick is leaning on her too hard. Sharon insists they're friends. Noah is skeptical. He tells her she's worked hard to get where she is - her mistakes need to stay in the past.

Kelly and Billy settle in for a drink at The Underground. He says he wanted to avoid the 'poor Billy' looks from people at Boulevard. Kelly understands. At the bar, Mason is using Devon's credit card and name to book a private suite and a massage. Devon appears. "I see how it is." Mason panics, but Devon laughs that he won't tell Nick he's making plans on company time. Hilary enters. Mason gives her a dirty look, but Devon talks to her about the run-in with Lily - she's dealing with a lot. Hilary warns Devon again about Mason, who later asks her, "Are you trying to ruin this for me?" Hilary accuses him of being after Devon's fortune. After, she tells Devon it was nice talking to him and walks off. Mason asks Devon to hit up a club. Devon declines. Meanwhile, Billy confides to Kelly that he wants to connect with Victoria, but can't. Kelly talks about losing her marriage. She says some couples survive - he and Vikki might be one of them. As they drink more, she talks about good people in the world. He asks if she's talking about somebody in particular. Kelly steers the conversation back to knowing how Billy feels right now and offers advice. Nick appears and asks Billy, "Who's your friend?" Billy explains Kelly is from the bereavement group and then heads home. Nick tells Kelly his sister loves her husband. Kelly wonders if there's something he'd like to say to her. Nick says he lost a child too. After, he and his daughter's mother did things...he urges her not to make the same mistakes they did. Stitch arrives and exchanges a glance with Hilary.

At home, Victoria heats up leftovers for Billy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kyle tells Jack, "I'll photograph the files." Jack warns, "That's corporate espionage and there are serious penalties."

Michael says to Lauren, "He started asking me a lot of questions." She wonders what kind of questions.

Fen is sitting with Summer in Crimson Lights when an officer appears saying he was sent by Paul Williams. "He wants to talk to you."

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