Y&R Recap: Pick-Me-Up Pills.

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Summer receives a tip from Esmerelda, Fen wants to run, and Cassie's ghost confronts Sharon.

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Sharon and Chloe watch Summer's photo shoot with another model, Esmerelda, at The Underground. Nick arrives. He talks about how fast Summer grew up and recalls her playing dress-up. Chloe says Delia used to do the same thing. Sharon and Nick talk to Chloe about mourning. They encourage her to share stories. Once alone, Nick and Sharon talk about Cassie and then finding out Summer wasn't his daughter. Nick says he should have known it would blow-up; lies always do. Nearby, Summer tells Chloe that working keeps her mind off other things in her life. Chloe agrees. As she leaves, Esmerelda gives Summer her contact for pick-me-up pills. Sharon questions Summer, who says she was offering tips. Nick tells Summer she did great. After, he thanks Sharon for helping Summer and talks about how awful it is for everyone that Phyllis hasn't come out of her coma. Sharon stops him. "Shut up." She complains about him putting Phyllis on a pedestal. They agree they're both good people. Later, Nick orders a Victorian dollhouse for Faith and a foot spa.

Chelsea arrives at home to find Adam got them a Christmas tree. Adam apologizes for being a jerk last Christmas - there's a lot he would change if he could go back. Chelsea talks about decorations. He goes to check the storage closet. Kevin arrives. Adam returns in time to hear him mention Connor having gone missing. Chelsea and Kevin explain the mix-up with Chloe. Kevin talks about how much losing Delia has hurt, and then goes. Adam notes that Chelsea called Kevin, not him, when Connor was missing. Chelsea asks if they're okay. Adam feels bad that she didn't tell him what happened. She admits she was afraid that he'd cut her out of Connor's life...and his. Chelsea talks about getting new lights next year. Adam says he has to go do something.

At Crimson Lights, Fen tells Michael and Lauren there's only one way out of this mess - he needs to disappear. He can't do thirty years in there. Michael says it will be sixty years if he runs. Fen would rather be dead than go back - at least this would buy him time. They talk about inmates wanting to get back at Michael through Fen. Michael says Fen's not going back. Kevin arrives and Fen takes off. Kevin discusses the Carmine case with Michael and Lauren. Kevin doesn't think Fen could have done it. Chloe arrives and talks to Kevin about Fen. She asks Kevin to go for corn dogs at one of Delia's favorite places. Lauren and Michael argue in whispers about whether Fen should disappear. Michael says there's no physical evidence linking Fenmore to the murder because he picked up Fen's sobriety medallion. He cites precedents and Lauren kisses him for not giving up.

Summer and Fen are in Chancellor Park. He tells her they called him 'Mouse' in prison and acts distracted. She asks if he's using - he's fidgety. Fen says he feels exposed. She asks who would want to hurt him. He says everyone his father put away. Fen tells Summer he has to run - he knows he pulled the trigger and it's only a matter of time before the cops get him. He says other people are coming for him too.

At home, Sharon is stunned to see Cassie appear. "You almost blew it." She is angry about Sharon going off on Phyllis like that. Sharon says, "No, you went away." Cassie said she had to come back because Sharon feels guilty about letting Dad believe Summer is not his daughter. They talk about why she switched the DNA results. Cassie says she won't be fine as long as she harbors this secret. Sharon can't tell the truth - Nick would hate her. Cassie says it's the only way to get better.

Christine finds Paul swilling coffee over files in his office. He says it's a matter of time before one of the Baldwins is back in prison for killing Carmine. He expresses frustration because Carmine deserved to be killed. Christine thinks it will be difficult to prove self-defense. They go through the evidence again, and sketch out how Michael wiped the gun clean and then fired into the wall. Paul says the apprentice who signed the autopsy is now in Washington - it was all so sloppy. Talk turns to Nikki's secret. Paul felt a responsibility to help her see things through, but admits the Basco case suffered. Paul turns back to the evidence. He turns over a bag which contains Fen's sobriety medallion.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon looks on as Lily says to Hilary, "Why don't you get your skinny ass on your broomstick and fly out of town?"

Chelsea looks at his and her wedding bands.

Kelly asks Adam, "You want to set up a memorial foundation in Delia Abbott's name?"

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