Y&R Recap: Spill The Beans.

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Hilary finds pills in Jack's desk, Victoria upsets Nick with her request, and Neil plans a surprise for Leslie.

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Sharon introduces herself to Hilary at Jabot. They discuss Hilary getting her second chance. Sharon says she's there for a second chance too - or maybe her 10th chance. Hilary learns that Sharon is Jack's ex, and brings up Phyllis and Summer. She marvels that Nick lied about her paternity. Sharon defends Nick. Hilary says Jack didn't deserve it and wonders about Nick waiting so long to take the second paternity test. Sharon muses about what might have been different if this had come out years ago. Later, Hilary finds Jack's pill bottle.

Nikki approaches Dylan at Crimson Lights. Avery watches as he says he got her message about the DNA results and tells her he's not ready for a relationship with her. Nikki leaves. Avery joins Dylan to discuss the situation. Dylan wonders what the point of it all was, and Avery thinks she just wanted the truth. Avery reminds him his biological father is Ian Ward. "You must have questions about him." She admits she did research and hands it over. Dylan's not interested. Avery leaves the file on the counter. Dylan reads it. On the patio, Tyler tells Leslie about his trip with Abby and goes on about how amazing she is. Leslie thinks he sounds ready to settle down. Tyler says the last time he got serious it blew up. Leslie thinks that's different. Tyler's glad it didn't work out, or he wouldn't have found Abby. Leslie thinks she's the one. "We both found the person we want to be with."

Jack and Neil meet at the Club. They talk about Phyllis not waking up at Thanksgiving. Jack says Summer was crushed. Neil asks, "What about you?" Jack says he hasn't given up hope, but he's been tempted to use...that's why he called him. They talk about Neil's happiness with Leslie. Jack says he deserves it. Neil shows him an engagement ring. Jack congratulates him. Later, Neil practices proposing. Leslie arrives and she senses he's up to something. "Spill the beans." He lies that he was thinking about her surprise Christmas gift. She says Christmas was never a happy time. He vows to change all that.

Abby has tea at Victoria's house. Vikki says Billy is trying to get back into things - the support group has helped and he met a woman friend there. Abby is curious about why he's talking to some woman instead of Vikki. Vikki says Kelly understands and has been through it. Abby muses that it still must hurt. Talk turns to Tyler. Abby tells Vikki they said the 'L' word.

Nick arrives at the ranch to see Nikki, but Victor says she's shopping. Talk turns to Sharon. Victor tells Nick she's taking advantage of him. When they get back to talking about Nikki's secret. Nick realizes Victor wants him to be as mad as he is, and tells him to forget it; he won't put a guilt trip on his mom. As they talk, Nikki enters. Nick says he was with Dylan when he got the DNA results. Nikki apologizes for blurting the truth out at dinner. Nick understands her not coming out with the truth sooner - he'd be a hypocrite otherwise. Victoria comes in. Victor beams. "The family's all here." Victoria says they're not all there. Nick says he's leaving and Vikki walks him to the door to urge him to accept Dylan. She'd like him to be a part of the family. Nick says it's already changed things, and leaves. Vikki tells Victor and Nikki she's willing to accept Dylan into the family. Nikki hugs her. Victor can't believe that. "Hell will freeze over before I invite that boy into this house or the family." Victoria says he's welcome in her family and goes.

Jack arrives at Jabot and Hilary briefs him. She tells him she found his pills in the desk. They discuss his previous addiction. He admits he got the pills in a weak moment, but didn't take any. Hilary reminds him what happened to her mom. "Get rid of these." He talks about his support system. Hilary muses that some people don't have anyone. Jack asks, "Like you?"

Abby meets Tyler at Crimson Lights and apologizes for her behavior in the park; she doesn't want to mess this up. Tyler is happy about their open, honest relationship.

Nick helps Sharon get boxes down at her place. They talk about Christmas and Summer feeling hurt. Nick says he's responsible. Sharon tells him, "Not for all of it." He wonders why she keeps saying that. She says he didn't do anything wrong with Avery. "You didn't deserve what happened to you."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael asks Lauren, "Are you actually suggesting he live his life on the run?" She replies, "No. We'll go with him."

Sharon says to Cassie, "No. You went away." Cassie tells her, "You needed me to come back."

Adam tells Chelsea, "You could have told me you thought Chloe took Connor." Chelsea says she was afraid. He asks, "Of what." She says, "You."

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