Y&R Recap: One Hour.

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Michael and Lauren celebrate, Courtney admits she lied, and Chloe is stunned at Chelsea's over-reaction.

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At the ranch, Nikki tells Paul and Victor that the DNA results prove Dylan is her son. Nikki and Paul debate about what Dylan will do. Victor grumbles about Dylan and Paul calls him out for believing the worst about people. Paul leaves. Nikki asks Victor if they're going to be alright. They bicker about trust. Nikki questions if she'd put Victor's investigators on it, whether he'd have told her the truth. She doesn't regret finding Dylan, but regrets bringing another burden to the family. Victor pouts. "You turned to Paul Williams." Nikki reminds him that he loves her and hugs him. He leaves to take care of business.

In the park, Dylan tells Avery he doesn't want to talk about the DNA results. He's stymied over his mom not telling him the truth. He has so many questions. He tries to get his mind around the woman he called 'mom' not being his mother. Avery asks what he'll do now.

Christine and Kevin talk about unsolved cases at the station.

At Crimson Lights, Raven asks Summer about Fen. Summer warns her to stay away from him when he gets out. Summer joins Courtney and Noah on the patio. They discuss the holidays. Courtney's parents will be away so she's joining Noah's family. When Noah steps away, Summer confronts Courtney - she checked with Abby, she doesn't work with anyone named Zach. Summer demands honest answers. Courtney says Zach is family, but he's messed up and embarrassing. Noah returns and senses tension. Summer goes to talk to Avery and Dylan. Avery and Summer discuss Phyllis and then Summer speaks to Dylan about his new family. They commiserate about DNA test results, but Summer says it might end up being a good thing for him. She tells him Nick is a great guy, who is hurting over him and Avery, and her grandmother is an amazing woman. After, Avery suggests Dylan find out more about his biological father. Dylan doesn't want to deal with any of it and goes to be alone. Avery goes to a computer and searches the name 'Ian Ward'.

Chelsea calls out to Chloe at the penthouse and begins to realize she and Connor aren't there and panic sets in. She calls Kevin, who says Chloe canceled their plans. Chelsea tells him Chloe took off with her son. Soon, Kevin arrives. They go over what happened before Chelsea left Chloe with Connor. Kevin pleads with Chelsea to let him find her before she calls the cops or Adam. He opens the door and Chloe's there with Connor. Chelsea grabs the baby. "Are you okay?" Chloe looks confused - she took Connor for a drive and her phone died. Chelsea says she was worried. Chloe realizes she thought she kidnapped Connor to replace Delia. She's appalled. Chelsea apologizes.

At the station, Paul tells Christine the regular coroner didn't sign off on Carmine's autopsy report - it was someone filling in they've never heard of before. Paul's looking into it. He tells Christine about going with Nikki to look for her son. She's taken aback that he never said a word to her at the time and muses about his history with Nikki. Paul says it wasn't his secret to tell. Christine takes a call about Fen.

At the Club, Lauren tells Michael she can't have a happy anniversary with Fen in prison. Michael says they need to mark this milestone - they've been through a lot. They flash to his casino proposal. He asks for one hour. They laugh and chat and Lauren recalls when she told him he was going to be a father. Lauren gets another hang-up call. Michael then gets a call from Christine - Fen will be released in two days. Lauren wants to celebrate.

In the prison yard, Womack gets upset with Fen when he's not appreciative enough of him saving him from the other inmates. Fen later tells him he's getting out soon. Womack says he is too - he'll find a way for Fen to pay him back on the outside.

Chloe and Kevin enter Crimson Lights bickering about Chelsea's over-reaction. She wants people to know she's okay. On the patio, Noah asks Summer about a Christmas gift for Courtney. Summer says she doesn't know Courtney as well as she thought and he doesn't either.

Courtney buys pills from Raven in the park.

At the station, Christine tells Paul Nikki is lucky he's her friend, and she's lucky he's her husband.

At home, Nikki sends Dylan a message saying she'd like to see him or chat.

Dylan gets Nikki's message as he enters the Club. Victor appears and warns him to stay away from Nikki.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Tyler asks Abby if she's breaking up with him.

Lily says to the doctor, "An MRI is to look for cancer. So you think it's back?"

Jack tells Devon he's fired. Devon asks if it's because he wouldn't spy on Victor.

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