Y&R Recap: In A Heartbeat.

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Adam and Jack discuss redemption, Alex warns Billy about his online activity, and Tyler thanks Lily for helping him move forward.

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Kyle talks to Adam and Jack in the Abbott living room about being a rock star at Newman. Jack reminds him to remember where his loyalties lie. Taken aback, Kyle exits. Jack asks Adam why he's distracted. Adam wonders if he believes in redemption. Jack is puzzled, but muses that there's very little that can't be forgiven. They talk about Victor and being better for their kids. Adam says it's Chelsea too. Jack wonders if proximity is making the heart grow fonder. Adam shrugs that they don't want to kill each other. He admits it sometimes feels like it used to, but it can't be that way again. Jack says time can fix things. He urges Adam to rebuild and look forward.

At the ranch, Victoria opens up to Nikki about trying to get through to Billy. Nikki promises her it will be okay. Victoria talks about canceling Christmas - Johnny's too young to know the difference. She worries about her marriage surviving this. Nikki says she'll have to make sure it does. They talk about Dylan. Nikki says he doesn't want anything to do with her regardless of the DNA results. Victoria's sorry. Nikki says Nick wants less to do with her than Dylan, and Victor's not happy with her either. Victoria thinks he'll come around, she's glad there are no more secrets.

At Crimson Lights, Noah complains to Abby about Victor choosing Kyle's ideas over his own. Abby says working for Victor isn't easy' it's why she won't do it. Noah rants about Kyle as he enters and overhears. Abby looks awkward as Noah calls Kyle a lunkhead. Abby tells Noah he should stop. Kyle and Noah spar verbally. Abby interrupts to talk about how much she loves working with Lily. She's sad that she's leaving. Noah suggests that Kyle go back to Jabot, and Kyle counters that he should return to bartending. Abby refuses to let the feud go into the next generation and makes them shake hands. They agree to work together but then start bickering about coffee.

At home, Billy opens the door to Alex and asks if he has good news. Alex says he came to talk to him about what he's been saying online. Billy insists he needs an outlet for his anger. Alex argues that he can't be threatening people. He wants to see what's on Billy's laptop. Billy opens it to a video of Delia. Billy says it's all he has left, and he wishes the person who took her life would lose theirs too. Alex insists he'll find the culprit, but Billy scoffs that the trail's gone cold. Alex says guilt can force people to confess. Billy's skeptical. Alex asks him to watch what he says. He passes Jack on his way out and urges him to talk sense into his brother. Jack talks about Thanksgiving. Billy begins to open up about not being able to put his life back together. Jack understands that he can't let go of the pain yet, but assures him he will come back. Victoria arrives as Jack tells Billy to be open to love. Jack hugs Billy and goes. Billy tells Victoria he loves her.

Victor sidles up to Chelsea as she concludes a phone call at the Club and accuses her of planning to take his grandson out of the country. Chelsea says she's not going to Milan; she's taking her meetings here. Victor asks about Connor. Chelsea says he's doing better everyday, but warns he won't get to him through her. Victor says neither her nor Adam will keep him from seeing that boy. Victor and Chelsea threaten to tell Connor awful things about each other. Adam arrives as Victor calls Chelsea a conniving tramp and intervenes. "That's the mother of my child you're talking to." Victor isn't surprised Adam's sticking up for her - he's a heartless person. Cheslea walks away, saying nothing Victor says matters. Adam doesn't think it ever did.

Lily meets Tyler in the park at his request. He says he needed to thank her - if it wasn't for her, he never would have been able to move on with his life. He explains that when he met her, he was still stinging from a bad break-up with his fiancee. He says if Lily hadn't been who she was, Abby would have been a blur in his rear-view mirror. Lily's happy they found each other. Tyler tells Lily something else, and she says it won't be a problem. She shares her plans to leave Jabot and work with Cane. She thanks Tyler for reminding her Cane is the man she wants to be with. They are hugging with Abby appears. Lily says they just ran into each other and leaves. Abby sulks. Tyler professes his love. Abby giggles. "Gotcha!"

At home, Adam plinks piano keys. Chelsea brings up Victor. Adam says he lost a lot chasing his approval and now it's not an issue. Chelsea muses that the thing that tore them apart no longer exists. She asks Adam if he could go back and change things, would he? He says, "In a heartbeat." Adam says they only have this moment, though, and they kiss.

Victor arrives at the ranch as Nikki leaves Paul a message about Dylan. Victor confronts her about Paul knowing before him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane is with Jill at Crimson Lights.

Chloe tells Chelsea she cannot get back together with Adam.

Nikki tells Victor that Paul was with her in Wisconsin. He's appalled by how many parts of her life she's kept from him.

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