Y&R Recap: Wishbone Tradition.

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Ashley surprises the Abbotts for Thanksgiving, Neil hosts his family for the holiday, and Dylan asks for a DNA test.

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Traci, Abby, Tyler, and Kyle are gathered at the Abbott mansion. Ashley arrives and surprises them. Hugging ensues, followed by talk about traditions. Tyler gets a text from Mariah. He turns off his phone and reassures Abby. Later, Abby admits to Ashley that his ex won't go away. They all laugh about Tyler's first meeting with Victor. Tyler won't let him chase him off. Kyle says he's been good to him. Ashley questions Kyle about working at Newman.

Cane and Neil debate about football at Neil's place and Leslie silences them both with her knowledge. Leslie awkwardly holds Moses on her lap as the twins run around. Devon arrives, fresh from a shift at the homeless shelter. Later, Lily and Leslie draw with the kids and chat about life being good.

At Newman, Noah tells Victor he's having dinner with his parents. Victor is disappointed and blames Sharon. Noah asks Victor to respect her efforts to get well. Noah exits as Victoria arrives. She and Victor discuss Dylan. Victoria says Victor just seems to want to be angry. Victor rants that Dylan kept Avery from the altar. Vikki says he's been a good friend to Billy, and he's blood; he should give him a chance. Victor is upset that she's not coming to dinner.

Nikki invites Dylan into the ranch. He asks for proof that he's her son. Nikki says everything was destroyed in a flood at the church. He demands a DNA test. Nikki agrees, but is certain she's his mother. He asks about his father. She tells him he was Ian Ward, the leader of a cult. Nikki doesn't know where he is and doesn't want to know. Dylan muses, "He was that bad." He wonders if he's like him. Nikki is happy he had great adoptive parents. Dylan says he doesn't need another mother, and if he wanted another family it wouldn't be hers.

Faith is asking Sharon about Summer and Phyllis when Nick arrives at their house. Nick says Noah is still at the office. Sharon hopes he makes it over. Later, Noah arrives. He tells Nick that Victor thinks dinner is part of Sharon's plot. Nick tells him about Dylan to explain why they're not at the ranch. After, Nick overhears Faith telling Noah that Dylan's making her a dollhouse and Daddy got mad. Noah suggests she write to Santa to say she changed her mind. After Noah leaves, Nick and Sharon hug.

On a plane, Summer cries and Jack reminds her she has all the Abbotts to lean on. They agree not to give up on Phyllis. Jack urges her to get on with her life and take a giant bite out of each day like Phyllis. He says he knows about the modeling debacle, which shouldn't have happened. He says he couldn't take it if anything happened to her.

Jack and Summer arrive at the Abbott house and greet Ashley. He tells her Billy's been elusive. Traci is glad they came back in time for dinner. After dinner, Tyler leaves for Neil's place. Abby and the Abbotts talk about how hot and amazing he is, and then do the wishbone tradition. Jack and Summer each take one side. Jack doesn't think it will matter who gets the bigger side - they both have the same wish.

Dylan runs into Victoria at the Club. He asks about Billy. She says he's going to a support group. Victoria then takes a minute to advocate for Nikki - she's very loving and very kind despite how they got the news. Dylan says there will be a DNA test - he doesn't think it will change anything. Victoria says he'll be her brother - it means something to her and she hopes it will matter to him. Dylan doesn't know how to be a brother. Vikki says he was a brother to many men in the army. "You're not alone in the world." Later, Dylan looks at a photo of his dad and orders a double.

Victor finds Nikki wiping tears away at home. She says this is why she never told him about the baby - everyone hates her. Victor soothes her. Nikki says none of her kids are here and Dylan doesn't want to know her. Victor is happy about the years they've shared, and all the years they'll still have together. Nikki's relieved he still loves her. "More than you'll ever know."

Tyler arrives at Neil's place where Leslie admits she's exhausted. Tyler teases her when she picks up Moses. "I smell a wedding, kids, the whole nine yards." They sit down and give thanks. Neil says this day is exactly how he imagined it, and he loves it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Kyle tells Noah, "You're so used to having things handed to you." Noah replies, "I feel like handing you something right now."

Ashley pays Victor a visit at the office.

Jill confronts Jack about sacrificing his son. Jack yells, "Why don't you come up with a better suggestion?"

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