Y&R Recap: Turkey!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Nikki asks Victor to accept Dylan, Michael gets out of jail, and Jill and Esther remember Katherine.

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At Sharon's place, Nick tells her he's not taking Faith to his family's dinner. Sharon digests the news that Dylan McAvoy is his brother. Nick rants that the fact they are related changes nothing. Sharon says he's wrong - this changes everything. She says Dylan is now Faith's uncle, and he's also Billy's good friend, so Victoria's probably okay with this. Sharon recalls when she had to tell Nick that she'd given a child up for adoption - it was hard. She suggests he give Nikki a break. Nick can't do it tonight. He suggests they have Thanksgiving dinner together. Sharon agrees - she'll see him later.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Avery he wants a DNA test. Avery says she'll help him, but she believes Nikki. He rants about Nick being his brother. Avery understands - she's had difficult times with Phyllis. Dylan gets upset about his mother lying to him and to his father. He compares it to Chelsea. Avery says his mother didn't keep a child from a man who wanted to raise him. Dylan asks if she's hiding something about his biological father. Avery tells him Nikki said he wasn't a nice man. If he wants answers, he knows where to go.

At the penthouse, Chelsea has a footprint turkey painting made with Connor's feet. Later, she dresses him in a turkey costume. Adam says Mommy may be going overboard. Chelsea wants to make family memories. They reflect about their parents and a new beginning for Connor, and discuss how much things have changed in a year. Chelsea likes Adam when he's not consumed with Newman - he's more like the man she loved. She watches Adam play with Connor, and they take a family picture, yelling, "Turkey!" After a close moment, Chelsea goes upstairs.

At the prison, Lauren tells Michael they should all be together for the holiday. He hopes Fen will be out soon. Michael tells her to remember what they have to be thankful for - they're still together.

Paul and Chris kiss in his office. She says she'll let him know when she hears from the judge about Michael. Paul leaves Nikki a message wondering how things went.

Chris and Paul visit Michael in jail and tell him he's being released. Michael hollers that they are leaving his son alone behind bars. Chris tells him the case is being reopened - he can't keep the truth from coming out.

Jill announces to Esther, Kevin, and Chloe at the Chancellor estate that they are celebrating Thanksgiving - they have a lot to be thankful for. Esther says she sounds like Katherine. Jill wants to make her proud. Chloe assures Kevin that she's okay - it will be good to be with everyone who loved Delia. Jill says she invited Billy, but Chloe knows he's not ready. Chloe recalls announcing she was having a baby girl one Thanksgiving. She knows Katherine is taking good care of Delia. Esther says she's thankful for Chloe, and for the love Katherine left behind. They recall a speech Katherine made in the past. Lauren enters. Jill says she's thankful for so much and embraces Lauren. Jill asks Esther how the turkey's coming. Esther's not making one - Jill said she was handling the details. They bicker. Kevin says there are always some things you can count on. Later, they eat Chinese takeout and open fortune cookies. Esther's says an angel is watching over her. Kevin's refers to big changes, Chloe's says not to underestimate the power of human touch, and Jill's says not to fear the unknown - ask the right question and the answer will be worth knowing. Lauren's says the truth sets one free. Michael appears.

In Paul's office, he and Chris agree they did the right thing, and eat pecan pie.

At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki how shocking her revelation about Dylan was last night. She apologizes for how it came out. Victor is more concerned that she never told him in all their years together. Nikki asks him to accept Dylan into their lives. Victor says he'll be supporting Nicholas. He warns Nikki that Dylan wants nothing to do with her - she should get used to it. Nikki says she won't pit Dylan against her other kids like he did with Adam. Victor thinks she may favor Dylan out of guilt. Nikki wants a truce for Thanksgiving. Victor agrees, and leaves for the office. Nikki answers the door - it's Dylan.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor says to Victoria, "Neither you or Nicholas is coming to Thanksgiving dinner."

Devon joins his family at Neil's place on Thanksgiving.

Ashley arrives just as Tyler's asking Abby, "Where is your mom?" Ash says, "Right here in Genoa City!"

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