Y&R Recap: Prep The Bird.

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Sharon helps Summer, Nikki's family reels from her reveal, and Dylan realizes Avery knew.

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At home, Billy reads the message board again and thinks about taking his gun from the closet. Instead, he leaves.

At the Club, Nikki blurts that Dylan is her son. Victor asks what she's talking about. Nikki assures him she's sane and she knows Dylan is her son. Nikki apologizes for him finding out this way. Dylan says this makes no sense. "I'm not your son." She mutters about him being adopted, but Dylan thinks she's out of touch with reality. Nikki explains about her trip to Chicago and wants to go elsewhere to talk, but Nick demands to know what's going on. Dylan turns to leave but Nikki blurts out details about his parents, including that her mother never told his father she'd adopted him. Dylan says Nikki's the liar. Dylan stalks out with Avery behind him. Nikki sobs. Victor asks her to start at the beginning. Nikki talks about the evil cult leader who got her pregnant. She describes having the baby in Winnetka and leaving him with the nun. Victor is stunned to hear that she talked to Katherine about it but didn't trust him. Nikki muses that her child was right there in town. Nick grumps, "Ruining my life." He wonders if she thought they'd hug it out. Victor follows Nick. Vikki tells Nikki that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. Nikki worries about fixing the damage she's done. At the bar, Nick rants to Victor about being stuck with Dylan for the rest of his life and how he's always around. Victor doesn't think Dylan will want to play happy families anymore than they do.

Sharon is surprised to find Noah at The Underground. She's looking for Nick to discuss Faith's Thanksgiving. She asks about Newman. Noah complains about Victor hiring Kyle. Sharon assures Noah that he's competent and reminds him that Victor didn't go to business school either. Sharon doesn't know a better man than Noah and hopes he meets a woman who deserves him. Noah tells Sharon he's dating Summer's friend, Courtney Sloan. He asks if she's still thinking about Nick. Sharon says she'll find someone new.

Courtney watches as Summer freezes during a modeling shoot in the park. Courtney tells Summer she has plans with Noah. Summer encourages her to go. Later, Sharon appears as the photographer gets frustrated with Summer, who says she's been freezing for four hours. Sharon confronts the photographer, and says Summer is Jack's Abbott's daughter and he's abusing her. They leave.

Kelly notices Billy lurking outside the support group and stops him from leaving. They talk about whether there's a point to the meeting. They go in, but Billy leaves quickly after there's talk of 'forgiving the universe'. Kelly follows. They talk about Delia and Sam in the hall. She says the people there understand.

Neil and Leslie meet at Crimson Lights. He tells her holidays are about family - he's hoping they can cook dinner together, and that she'll sleep over to 'prep the bird'. He says Moses will be around more often and invites her to be in his big messy life. Leslie admits they're both adorable - she's honored to be a part of his family. They kiss. Sharon and Summer arrive. Sharon tells Neil about his photographer the sadist. Neil apologizes profusely. Sharon says she'll sit in at the next shoot and keep them in line. Leslie later tells Neil that having an advocate on shoots would be a good idea so they don't get sued. Nearby, Summer thanks Sharon for being so fierce at the shoot - it reminded her of her mom. She jokes that maybe she'll tell her that when she and Jack visit, maybe that will wake her up.

Courtney arrives at The Underground. She and Noah slow dance and kiss. He says her first time should be special. She says it wasn't much of anything, but this can be. They head upstairs.

Avery finally catches up with Dylan in the park. She is forced to admit that Nikki told her and she was bound by attorney/client privilege. "You knew?" Avery says she did. He asks if it's true. Her expression says it all. Dylan rants about her lying to him and how everything he thought he knew turning out to be wrong. Avery says knowing was killing her. "Don't shut me out." Nikki watches as he allows Avery to take him home. She then cries to Katherine about how many hearts she broke tonight.

Billy returns home. Victoria comes in and pulls out a beer for each of them. "I have an older brother." Billy dribbles his beer when Victoria says Nikki blurted out that Dylan was her son. Billy gets the rest of the story and then tells Vikki he went to group today. "Those people really understand."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Avery, "How do I accept that Nikki's my mother and everything that goes along with that?"

Nikki tells Victor she needs him to accept that Dylan is part of their lives.

Nick tells Sharon that he and Dylan will never be close, this changes nothing. Sharon says he's wrong - this changes everything.

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