Y&R Recap: This Is Our Time.

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Paul has good news for Michael, Victoria visits Adam, and Nikki's secret comes out.

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Nick arrives at the ranch and asks Nikki what tonight's dinner is about. Nikki breezes that they're spending time together as a family. Nick worries there is big news. Nikki reassures him.

Avery works out at the Athletic Club and thinks about arguing with Nikki. Dylan appears. They talk about their date and joke about a time at the cabin. Chelsea sees them laughing. They notice her. Chelsea makes an excuse and leaves. Dylan tells Avery he doesn't want Chelsea to feel uncomfortable around them. Avery wonders if he'd feel the same if it was Nick. They talk about being free to go out together. Dylan says it's their time.

In the prison yard, Michael grills Fen. A convict calls Fen 'Mouse' and tells him he's on laundry duty later. Fen tells Michael that Womack gave him the nickname. Michael warns him not to spy for the warden. Fen says he has enough problems. Michael is taken to see a visitor. Inside, Gloria greets him. She asks about their welfare and Fen refusing visitors. Michael assures her Fen knows she and Lauren adore him. They agree if you don't have family, you have nothing. Glo says she and Jeffrey are going on a cruise. He's happy she'll enjoy herself.

At Newman, Victor tells his investigator he wants justice for the little girl.

Adam comforts Peanut at home. Victoria arrives. She needs some answers. Adam says he's only one man, he can only do so much. Vikki watches him tuck Connor in and says it's nice to see this side of him. She asks about him and Chelsea. Adam wonders if Victor put her up to it. Vikki says no, but he was a better person when he was with Chelsea. Adam says some things are out of one's control. Vikki says there has to be a way to make it work. "Don't you believe that? Cause I sure as hell do!" She apologizes for blurting that, and he asks if she and Billy will get through this. She does. Chelsea returns. Victoria goes. Chelsea compliments Adam's caregiving skills and asks why Victoria came. Adam says she was hoping for information. Chelsea sighs that they all want to move forward. He asks why she's not at the gym. Chelsea says she didn't feel like sharing yoga mat with her ex. They talk about wishing you could take back your lies and moving forward. Chelsea wants Connor to have what they didn't growing up. Adam wonders what if Chloe and Billy never find out who the driver is - they all have to move on, right?

Victor comes home to find Nick there. They agree Nikki must be planning to tell them something. Nick wonders if Victor will be supportive no matter what she says. They argue about Sharon and Noah. Victor says he'll deal with family how he sees fit.

At the station, Paul questions Nikki's plan to tell her family about Dylan in public. Nikki worries about her family's ability to accept Dylan.

Paul visits Michael at the jail and says he has good news - he thinks he can get him out. Michael hollers - he won't leave Fenmore. In the yard, Womack confronts Fen about lying about why he's in there. He knows about the drugs and offers to get him some.

Nikki, Victor, and Nick are seated at the Club. Victoria rushes in. "Now that we're all here, it's time to spill the beans." Nikki begins her story with Katherine sensing that she was holding back something, how she found out, and later sent her on a journey as her last request. She says she wants to share it with them now - she never would have guessed in a million years what she found out... Victor's phone rings. He steps away - it's his investigator. He has nine SUVs with license plates beginning with number 6. Victor says to leave it on his desk. At the table, Nikki, Nick, and Vikki see Avery and Dylan arrive for their romantic dinner. Victor returns. Nick says he's fine so they decide to stay put. Avery and Dylan decide to go elsewhere, but she has to take a call. Nick approaches Dylan and confronts him about stealing his life. Nick tells him to stay the hell away from him. Dylan's happy to. "You should get out of my face." Victor grabs Nikki's arm to stop her from interfering. The argument escalates. Avery tells Dylan they've got to go. Nick and Dylan punch each other. Nikki jumps in, yelling, "Stop it!" Nick yells at Nikki that this has nothing to do with her. She says it does. "Dylan is my son, dammit! He's my son!" She sobs. Avery looks horrified. Dylan and the others look stunned.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil says to Leslie, "It's a big, loud, messy life. You want to be in it with me?"

Summer tells Sharon about her and Jack's plan to go see Phyllis for Thanksgiving. "Maybe that will finally wake her up." Sharon smiles awkwardly.

Avery says to Dylan, "Nikki told me..." Dylan interrupts. "Wait. You knew?"

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