Y&R Recap: Ulterior Motive.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Devon tells Neil about Roxy, Summer's invited to Thanksgiving dinner, and Noah worries about Kyle.

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Nick shows up at Newman Enterprises as Noah is about to make a pitch. Victor sends Noah out. Victor asks if he got Nikki's dinner invitation. Nick and Victor bicker about Victor accusing Sharon of things. Victor says she's a manipulator. Nick says she's sick. Victor thinks maybe Nick's delusional. Nick says she's making an effort to get well. Victor snarks, "Whoopee let's throw her a parade." They move on to discussing Dylan. Nick says they had it out.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Dylan discuss the dollhouse debacle. Dylan says Nick's taking any excuse to get into it with him. Sharon asks him to keep his distance from Nick. Dylan assures her he will. She goes as Stitch arrives. Dylan tells him about the dollhouse. Stitch says he would have called him out too - he thinks it's about Avery. Dylan says maybe he's right. Stitch acts strange when Dylan asks about his wife and kids, so they talk about Dylan and Avery. On the patio, Mason holds Devon's credit card. Hilary enters. Mason complains that he got fired from Jabot and she's now on the payroll. He wonders what her angle is with Jack. Hilary insists she's over all that, but Mason's skeptical. She apologizes to him, but he tells her to save it - he'll land on his feet; he's got plans.

At Neil's place, he realizes something is wrong with Devon. Devon tells Neil that Roxanne broke up with him and why. Neil grimaces, but counsels that Katherine trusted him to do the right thing with the money. Hilary arrives. Devon asks what the hell she wants. She's returning the things she took from Neil. Devon is upset over Neil forgiving her. Neil says if he doesn't trust anyone he'll be lonely. Devon leaves. Hilary says a woman recently told her to forgive herself. She tells Neil she used Mason too - she worries she leached some of her poison onto him.

Abby arrives at the Abbott house yammering about bringing Tyler there for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack admires her happiness. Kyle appears with a new haircut and suit. Abby is stunned to hear he's going to work for Victor. Jack steps out with Kyle to warn that Victor knows what he's up to. Kyle muses that Victor probably knows that he knows - he'll see how it plays out. Jack and Abby discuss inviting Summer to Thanksgiving dinner. Jack is reluctant to push, but Abby says she chooses between the Newmans and Abbotts all the time.

Noah greets Kyle at Newman and grills him about coming to work for his dad's enemy. Kyle implies that he doesn't know anything about business. They join Nick and Victor in the office. Nick smirks. "You guys have a good day." Victor marvels at Kyle's hair and sends Noah out. Noah follows Nick and complains he barged in and spoiled his pitch. Meanwhile, Kyle questions Victor about him and Kyle being in competition. Victor thinks it's healthy. Kyle muses that Victor still thinks he has an ulterior motive for working there and Jack thinks Victor has an ulterior motive for hiring him. Victor has a problem for him to solve - if he succeeds, he'll keep him around.

Summer and Courtney workout at the Athletic Club and talk about Summer's modeling. Talk turns to Fen accusing her of using. Courtney says she doesn't use drugs anymore than Summer does. Summer goes and Courtney uses the punching bag. Noah appears and flashes to Courtney telling him she's a world-class liar to her parents. He joins her and talks about Victor putting him in competition with Kyle. They have a push-up competition. Noah loses and has to buy dinner.

At home, Faith tells Sharon she wants Dylan's dollhouse. Nick arrives. Faith runs from him. Nick says, "Let me guess, the dollhouse?" Sharon says Faith will get over it. "Will you?" Nick talks about hoping Noah's okay at Newman. He invites Sharon to Nikki's family dinner at the Athletic Club.

Devon arrives at Crimson Lights where Mason unsuccessfully tries to chat up the barista. Devon accuses him of shadowing him and makes a crack that he apologizes for. They decide to have coffee. Nearby, Dylan tells Stitch he's planned dinner for him and Avery at the Athletic Club.

Summer arrives at the Abbott house and Jack shakes his head - Abby texted her to come by and talk about Thanksgiving. Abby leaves them to talk and Jack apologizes. Summer suggests they go visit Phyllis for Thanksgiving - together. Jack can't think of anything better. Abby returns, crowing about all the Abbotts being together on Thanksgiving. Jack sighs.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Paul, "Tonight's the night." He asks, "You're still sticking to your plan to tell Victor and the kids first?"

The Newmans are at their table at the Athletic Club. Nikki turns to look as Avery and Dylan walk in. Victor says, "Well I'll be damned."

Nick tells Dylan, "You need to stay the hell away from me." Dylan replies, "You should get out of my face."

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