Nobody Wins.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Victor offers Kyle a job, Paul comes up with a way to spring Michael, and Devon and Roxy argue.

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At the station, Christine joins Paul, who pulled an all-nighter working on the Carmine case. Christine calls her assistant to clear her schedule so she can go through the evidence with him. He says it's definitely pointing toward Fen being the shooter. As Christine talks, Paul has a realization. He says if they submit the napkin with Lauren's DNA they might be able to get Michael out.

At the Club, Jill and Lauren discuss the Baldwin family's nightmare. Jill muses that she could seduce an old flame of hers that's a judge. Lauren nixes the idea, but thanks her for making her smile. Jill looks across the room where Kyle is trying to convince Victor that he's ready to make his own name in business. He says he hasn't told Jack his plans, and won't, unless there's a real opportunity. Victor's suspicious. Kyle says at Jabot he's not taken seriously. He hands over ideas for the lifestyles division that Jack rejected to further convince Victor. Victor says Jack's a fool. "Congratulations. You now work for me." Jill, still watching, tells Lauren that Victor had the audacity to offer her a job at Newman/Chancellor. Lauren asks her about Switzerland. Jill feels it was a giant goose chase - she only learned the name of the music box's song, 'Ballerina'. Lauren urges her not to give up. Jill believes Katherine's final challenge was for her to get Chancellor back from Victor. She follows Kyle to the door and asks him about talking to Victor. Kyle says it was business. Jill goes to confront Victor about using someone else's son to follow in his footsteps. Victor says Jack has fallen short and Kyle came to him. He tells Jill he could use her at Chancellor too. She tells him to dream on. Later, Victor calls someone to give Kyle total clearance and adds, "Who said anything about trusting him?"

In the prison yard, Fen notices Michael's out of solitary. Fen tells him he's found a way to fix things - he's cutting a deal with the warden. Michael curses. He tells Fen he can't do it; it could get him killed. Michael hisses that the warden's promises are empty - he can't protect him from his office. Fen tells his dad he's doing it to set him free. Michael says it's his job to protect him - he needs to forget about doing deals. Later, Womack tells Fen he wants him at his table for dinner.

Cane tells Lily, at Boulevard, that he has big plans, but she'll have to wait to find out. She is trying to guess when Roxy appears. They joke about Devon trying to spend money on Roxy and the twins. Cane leaves. Roxy is about to confide in Lily about a surprise she has planned when Devon appears. He takes Roxy aside and confronts her about using his debit card excessively. She looks devastated and admits it was a surprise - a condo for the two of them. Devon says she never wanted to live with him until he became a billionaire. She cries. Lily confronts him - when Roxy showed him what she wanted was him, he called her a golddigger. Devon says he blew it. Lily goes as Roxy reappears. She canceled the condo deal. Devon says he would love to check out a condo with her if she'll forgive him. Roxy says the incident showed her where she stands with him. Cane returns and takes Lily to show her something.

At Jabot, Jack apologizes to Devon for asking him to spy on Victor, but adds he's not giving up. They debate about Jack's war with Victor. Devon says he may leave if he finds something he wants to do with his life. He gets a call from the bank. "How much was taken out?" Devon rushes off. John appears to Jack to complain about his pursuing his vendetta against Victor. "Nobody wins." Jack reminds him of his selfless reason for investing in Newman. John says Billy and Summer need him now, and Jill will get burned taking on Newman too. He tells him family means more than revenge. Jack says he's right, but Jill won't back off. Jack flashes to his last conversation with Kyle. He appears. Kyle says he's been thinking about family too. Jill enters and confronts Kyle about Victor. Kyle says he convinced Victor to hire him. Jack is beside himself. "Do you think Victor doesn't know what you're up to?"

Lauren visits Michael in jail. He tells her what Fen was going to do - he was proud. Michael vows to protect him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane tells Lily, "You should never underestimate the power of being madly in love."

Devon asks Roxy, "Are you breaking up with me?"

Billy tells Adam, "I know what you're doing and I know why."

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