Friday, November 15th, 2013

Avery is upset by Leslie's interference, Billy attends a support group, and Sharon and Nick have an outing with Faith.

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At Sharon's place, she and Nick are ready to take Faith to an art show. She asks about Nikki's event. Nick says Dylan showed up with Avery. Sharon talks about her run-in with Victor and that Adam defended her. Nick is beyond irritated. "Adam destroys anything and anyone he touches." Sharon defends Adam. She says becoming a father changed everything for him.

At the Athletic Club, Avery is distracted and tells Leslie that Dylan kissed her. Leslie's happy for her, but Avery worries about the secret she's keeping from him. She rants about the position she's in, knowing Nick and Dylan are brothers while they're clueless. Leslie says she tried to talk Nikki into telling Dylan. Avery gasps that she isn't even supposed to know. Leslie says the worst thing is to keep it inside - she knows what it did to her family. Avery says Nikki is scared. Leslie says the longer she waits the worse it will be.

Dylan runs into Chelsea and Connor in the park. She tells him she and Adam agreed to raise him together - she decided to stay. She assures him the decision was hers, Adam's not holding anything over her. She asks about Veteran's Day. He says it turned out okay thanks to a friend.

At the penthouse, Adam has another dream about Delia. He gets online and reads the message board. Chelsea comes home and notices Adam looks tired. She starts ranting about the hit-and-run driver being out there and goes on until Adam snaps. "Enough! Please!" He quickly apologizes and talks about what happened to Delia. "She shouldn't be dead." Chelsea says they need justice for her. He says there can't be - she doesn't understand. Adam talks about feeling constant worry. Chelsea says she wants to protect Connor too. They'll do it together. Chelsea talks about Delia not being able to rest in peace while the person who killed her is still out there.

Billy and Victoria are listening to a woman, Kelly, at a support group. She says her son's name was Sam and he was seven years old when they lost him. Billy whispers to Vikki that's just like Dee. The counselor calls on Billy, but he's not ready. Vikki explains what happened to Delia. She asks for advice and help. The woman talks again. She says her son was hit on his bike and the driver wasn't to blame, so she and her husband blamed each other and wound up divorced. After a year she still can't get past no one paying for what happened to Sam.

Chloe brings takeout to Kevin at the station and they discuss the case. He assures her they'll find the culprit. Chloe shows him photos of Connor. He asks if it's difficult for her to be around him and suggests she talk to Chelsea about not wanting to work at the penthouse with the baby. Chloe talks about the last time she saw Delia. Kevin assures her she told her she loved her and was a great mother. She thanks him for the talk and calls Chelsea, who says she'll meet her at work with Connor.

Sharon, Nick, and Faith arrive at Crimson Lights. Nick gives Dylan the evil eye as he offers Faith a pumpkin cookie. Sharon and Dylan talk alone about the benefit. Dylan tells her the night ended on a positive note. On the patio, Nick tells Faith she'll have to wait for a dollhouse. Sharon joins them. Faith goes over to Dylan and tells him how much she wants a dollhouse. Avery arrives and awkwardly greets Sharon, Nick, and Faith. Nick watches as Avery chats with Dylan as he sketches plans for a house. He says it's a dollhouse for Faith - a surprise. She realizes he hasn't told Nick. Dylan sees no harm in doing something nice.

At home, Vikki talks to Billy about the group. She says he was brave to sit through it. He thinks she was brave to speak. He promises to keep going. They talk about communicating and getting back into a routine. Billy apologizes for how he's been toward her and Johnny. She says he's stuck with her. He muses that maybe there's hope after all. They reminisce about Delia at Thanksgiving. They embrace. She wants him to come upstairs. He says he has to take care of a few things first. Billy puts the gun away in the closet and looks at the online message board.

At the penthouse, Adam is on Billy's message board and types, "Maybe the person is paying."

At home, Billy sees Adam's post pop-up. He grits his teeth. "Like hell he is. But he's going to."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria cries, "My dad was right." Billy angrily asks, "Your dad was right about what?"

Nikki tells Paul it's time for everyone to know that she's Dylan's mother.

Nick tells Dylan, "I want you to stay away from me and my family."

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